MAGA Disillusionment

President Trump was elected largely for two reasons. The first was to take concrete steps in fixing a broken immigration paradigm, and the second was to execute the draining of a Swamp full of the various establishment actors which championed that broken immigration paradigm, among many broken paradigms plaguing the US circa 2016.

Many Republican candidates before Trump had run on similar themes, couching them in terms such as “comprehensive immigration reform,” and “fighting the Washington establishment.” Trump signaled he was different from the likes of Mitt Romney, the Bushes, and John McCain, by not only explicitly attacking them and their ideas as complete failures, but bashing standard Republican sacred cows such as “free trade” and NATO. Trump essentially ran partly as a Pat Buchannan with money, and a Ross Perot with panache and media savvy. It was a historic blend that won him the Presidency and upset the apple cart.

Since his victory, the Deep State, which consists of:

  • the establishment GOP and the Democrats,
  • the Permanent Government bureaucracy of agencies such as the State Department, DOJ, CIA, FBI and various other three letter agencies,
  • multinational corporations,
  • and a mainstream media mouthpiece for it all,

has flexed its muscle in an all-out effort to quell any momentum that the Trump election had threatened to initiate.

Immediately after the election, the media ran stories intimating that “fake news” was responsible for misleading the public by spreading misinformation, which in turn led many to vote for Trump when they otherwise wouldn’t have. Indeed, there was actual “fake news,” consisting of random Macedonian and Romanian troublemakers creating websites purporting to be US newspapers with real-sounding names that trafficked in made up stories. But this effort was so minuscule so as to be negligent.

The existence of these fake outlets allowed the mainstream media to declare that anything up to and including right of center opinion blogs was spreading misinformation and thus also “fake news.” This effort was so thoroughly defeated by the dissident right, which had come to dominate the internet during the run up to the 2016 election, that the term “fake news” was co-opted by that group. It was then that President Trump picked it up, and took it to a whole different level.

Having lost that fight, elements of the Deep State advanced a Russian collusion theory through various intelligence agencies acting in concert with the State Department and the Department of Justice. While its stated purpose was to redress the “meddling” allegedly done by the Russian government (which did not change the outcome of the election), it is increasingly clear that the specter of Russian collusion serves the dual aim of covering up an illegal spying operation by the Obama-era intelligence apparatus on the Trump campaign, while simultaneously hampering the political aims of the Trump presidency by insinuating that:

  1. it is illegitimate
  2. any action undertaken by the Trump administration, and indeed the ideological reasoning behind such action is the work of a foreign power and thus must be reversed

The Deep State mouthpiece, the mainstream media, has been instrumental in this regard.

The Judiciary, mostly in the shape of the 9th Circuit of Appeals, but also the Department of Justice, has attempted to thwart President Trump at every turn with respect to immigration powers that are so obviously within Presidential remit that the rulings handed down by this or that random Judge from out west can only be make sense as political activism. Yet these rulings have sway, and lead to the President having to slog his way through the courts wasting precious time and taxpayer money to have the Supreme Court finally say that the Constitution says what everyone knew it said some 6 months earlier.

Much is made of the fact that the Republicans had control of Congress and the Presidency. However, only a handful of Republicans in the 115th congress could be classed as Trump Republicans. Indeed, for any given major piece of legislation that would codify even the bare minimum in real change, you could count on at the very least 3 to 5 Republican senators from the GOP establishment wing for opposition. In the House, Paul Ryan, perhaps the biggest advocate of the GOP establishment “strategy” of talking tough about Principled Conservatism, only to gleefully stand aside as those stated values were run over time and again, had little interest in bringing forth any meaningful legislation to the House Floor.

In short, the Deep State countered a Trump jab which caught it by surprise with a combination of power shots, which now leaves the MAGA movement a bit on the ropes, disillusioned. Instead of the wall going up, illegals deported and some semblance of a deterrence to illegal (and legal) immigration codified, we have received approval to “renovate” existing structures and executive orders which, without the aforementioned sweeping reform, are mere band aids.

Instead of Swamp getting drained, it has only flourished, fashioning a Special Counsel to investigate not any specific crime, but President Trump himself and anyone who has been associated with him. It has ensnared the likes of George Papadoupoulous, General Michael Flynn, Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort, amongst others. As a result of underhanded prosecutorial tactics, the aforementioned were convicted of crimes that either had nothing to do at all with the Trump campaign (tax evasion by Cohen and Manafort which predated Trump’s 2015 campaign) or were process crimes that came about only because of an investigation, which in turn only came about because the Deep State lost an election.

In other words, where the Clintons were to be made an example of, so as to eradicate the sort of political grifting and corruption that had seen the United States being sold to the highest bidder over the last few decades, instead we are getting the message that anyone who so much as associates with the insurgency that would challenge the Deep State is to potentially have his or her life ruined. Look what happened to Michael Flynn. (more detail here)

This tapestry is all very disheartening of course, and it has allowed the Blackpill contingent of the MAGA crowd to dominate for the time being. This was highlighted by a recent Tucker Carlson interview in which the Fox News host elucidated many of the points outlined in this piece. That said, Trump does have some cards to play. He could shut down the government to force concrete action (or inaction) on immigration, with the entire nation watching. He is apparently ready to move in that direction, given the press event he held with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

With respect to the Swamp, he could expose the corrupt machinations of the Deep State by de-classifying, without redactions, several key documents related to the spying that was done on members of his campaign.

However, given the wins his opposition have already racked up, it is easy to see how Trump could continue to be rebuffed. And without a proper Wall and any sort of real movement against the Deep State, Trump’s prospects for 2020 begin to look weaker.

Yet in another way, President Trump may have already dealt a lasting blow to the Deep State, in that he has exposed the unquestionable bankruptcy of our elites and its ideology. With respect to the media, Trump’s battles have reinforced Twain’s old quip about those who don’t read the newspaper being uninformed, while those who do being mis-informed. In today’s age, the proliferation of alternative sources of news and opinion, both in the blogosphere, on social media and in places such as YouTube, there exists the potential for one to become properly informed. This is perhaps biggest positive of the Trump political rise.

In other arenas, the Trump era has exposed the lie of globalism with respect to free trade, the lie of foreign wars in the name of democracy, and the multitude of lies embedded in the Cultural Marxist doctrine.

Perhaps the biggest potential lie the Trump era may end up exposing is the lie that the real change required to fix a rotting system can come via a ballot box. This is perhaps the most dangerous aspect of the Trump movement, in that no matter what happens, we are at an inflection point. The curtain has been raised, and the faults of the Post-World War 2 establishment in all forms have been laid bare. Beyond this, the public has demanded action, as evidenced by Trump’s ascendance and indeed his victory.

That his agenda, the agenda of substantive change, is so rebuked by The System that he is threatened with impeachment and indeed jail time post-presidency for having dared to challenge it, can only send the message to the public that The System will not be changed from within, regardless of how little it serves the average citizen.

This realization is how revolutions start.

It may be that President Trump goes down in history as the man who lit the spark, with the combustible nature of a future GloboHomo attempt to assert final and complete control leading to an almighty conflagration on the basis of the sentiment that “Trump was right.”

That said, I pray things never devolve to that point, but one would be naive to discount the historical record in this regard. Pendulum swings of the sort we are in the midst of do tend to be messy.

To the extent there is disillusionment among the MAGA set, it is less with Trump himself and with the slow understanding that Trump may not avoid the reckoning many expected in the pre-2016 days, but merely delay it.