Guilt By Association

One of the more common declarations by our ‘betters’ at the top levels of government, industry, media, and entertainment is that President Trump has some sort of great affinity for totalitarian dictatorships and is seeking to implement something similar in the Home of the Brave. It only takes the most cursory glance at the definitions of terms like ‘totalitarian’ to understand that those elites which go after Trump in that manner are projecting, and in a big way. Consider the following except from the book Political Participation in Communist China by James Roger Townsend:

Nevertheless, the Party does not expel them from the ranks of the “people” for their sin of omission and they need not fear physical punishment. At the same time they cannot escape some compulsion to conform. This compulsion normally takes the form of social pressure- intensified persuasion by cadres and activists, public criticism and condemnation, and perhaps some form of ostracism. It may also take the form of a justifiable fear on the part of the “passivist” that he is jeopardizing his future by acquiring a bad name, although this fear is much stronger among professional and technical strata than among the masses of workers and peasants for whom individual promotion and placement is less a meaningful question.

Here Townsend was describing the tactics used by the Communists to bully those, in this case those who weren’t sufficiently supportive of The Party and its aims, into compliance. It is not a perfect parallel, but this sort of bullying is increasingly rained down from On High upon dissidents in West – those who don’t enthusiastically swallow the TEPID (tolerance, equality, progressive, inclusion, diversity) ideology.

Earlier this week, Tucker Carlson’s show brought the plight of Darren Beattie to my attention. Beattie was speechwriter for President Trump, who was fired after CNN discovered that Beattie had attended the Mencken Conference in 2016. I’ll let CNN tell you why that was a bad thing:

A speechwriter for President Donald Trump who attended a conference frequented by white nationalists has left the White House.

CNN’s KFile reached out to the White House last week about Darren Beattie, a policy aide and speechwriter, who was listed as speaking at the 2016 H.L. Mencken Club Conference.

The Mencken Club, which is named for the early 20th century journalist and satirist whose posthumously published diaries revealed racist views, is a small annual conference started in 2008 and regularly attended by well-known white nationalists such as Richard Spencer. The schedule for the 2016 conference listed panels and speeches by white nationalist Peter Brimelow and two writers, John Derbyshire and Robert Weissberg, who were both fired in 2012 from the conservative magazine National Review for espousing racist views.

Other speakers from the 2016 conference are regular contributors to the white nationalist website VDare. Jared Taylor, another leading white nationalist, can be heard at the conference in 2016 on Derbyshire’s radio show along with Brimelow.

The White House, which asked CNN to hold off on the story for several days last week declined to say when Beattie left the White House. Beattie’s email address at the White House, which worked until late Friday evening, was no longer active by Saturday.

You see, Beattie’s great sin was being in the same room as some of the most unfancied dissidents in America, according to our elites. Note, Beattie is not accused of saying anything “racist” himself, or even being on record as saying nice things about one of the other Bad Thinkers mentioned. He merely breathed the same air as they did for a few hours. According to the press, this is now a disqualifying act.

It is really important to stress the fact that Beattie did, nor said anything objectionable, even in the context of the easily upset sensibilities of the day. After his firing was made public, Beattie published the text of the speech he gave. The word “white,” or “race” appear nowhere. The speech was merely a technical discussion of the intellectual underpinnings of a potentially burgeoning movement on the political right. It would not be out of place at any political science talk or lecture at any college campus in the world. Go ahead and read it if you don’t believe me.

None of that mattered however; Beattie was guilty by association. CNN’s behavior in the matter is textbook for totalitarians. Having become aware of Beattie it “reached out to the White House” to inform them that they had a Bad Thinker in its midst. The manner in which the article describes the White House almost pleading with CNN not to go public with a story about a White House connection to Bad Thinkers suggests it was afraid of a manufactured outrage campaign. Undoubtedly the author of the piece, Andrew Kaczynski, who has made a living out of this sort of blackmail journalism, intimated as much to the White House.

The cowardice shown by White House in caving in and firing Beattie is not lost on me. I mention it here to highlight that the White House playing nice did not abate the press. Robert Costa of the Washington Post first posed concerns over the vetting process accompanied with hiring White House staffers:

He then got the bright idea of wondering if anyone else in the administration had come in contact with Peter Brimelow. Brimelow of course is the exiled National Review editor who went off on his own to start VDARE.

Having smelled blood, the press moved in for another kill, and it seemed to find one in Trump’s senior economic advisor, Larry Kudlow.

Brimelow happens to be a long time friend of Kudlow, and was reported to have attended a birthday party in Kudlow’s honor last weekend. This egregious discovery was then reported on by Costa at the Washington Post.

Kudlow’s ‘defense’ was that he didn’t know that Brimelow held certain views (Brimelow is anti-immigration). I doubt that is the truth; as stated before the two men have been friends for decades and surely have had discussions on the topic at some stage. Kudlow was simply managing the PR. It seems to me that the two men have simply had a disagreement and left it at that while remaining friends. 

In our current age, such civility is unfathomable. The totalitarian leanings of the TEPID set are such that if one happens to hold an objectionable view, anyone who associates with that person must secretly hold that view as well. Thus, the person must be subject to ostracism and social pressure until he renders a nuclear disavowal of the objectionable individual he associates with. Failure to do so must result in a firing, boycott, ban, etc. Thankfully Kudlow has not been fired, at least not yet.

This is what our Free Press has been reduced to. Be mindful of who you invite to your birthday party in this totally Not Totalitarian Clown World. And on top of this, the legacy media has the cheek to frame itself as risking life and limb to “speak truth to power,” every time someone is slightly critical of that well-regarded pillar of democracy. It is more accurate to say that it powerfully speaks ill of the Truth.