The Lesson In Tactics From Charlottesville

Yesterday’s Charlottesville post was mostly concerned with the event as a whole from a legal and constitutional standpoint. And on that score, Unite The Right, who were there protesting the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue were expressing a first amendment right, and had gotten the OK of the authorities. Any violence that occurred was because Antifa ‘counter-protesters’ showed up with the explicit intent to bring the ruckus. The police and the government, perhaps deliberately, did little to prevent the powder keg from exploding. The authorities are ultimately responsible for spiral of violence that followed.

That doesn’t mean Richard Spencer and company can be proud of themselves for the events of the weekend. They made a substantial tactical error by continuing to permit the Nazi LARPing, even feeding into it with some of the visuals from the torch rally the night before. As I said in the post yesterday: if you actually want to win the long run, where winning is restoring America to her former greatness, extolling the virtues of 1930s German National Socialism is an odd way to do it, to put it mildly.

To put it more strongly, the Nazi LARPing is imbecilic, at odds with American history and suggestive of a general lack of social awareness. The Z Man explains the absurdity quite well here:

There’s another lesson. The whole point of the event was to unite all the factions of the Right, including the idiotic Nazi larpers and KKK clowns. I get it. They were there for you from the beginning. Not punching right is a big deal in this thing. They are super red pilled on the JQ. I get it, but the alt-right needs to understand that these micro groups do vastly more damage to the cause than any benefit gained from unity. The truth of life is you can’t save everyone. Some people get left behind and the Nazi larpers have to be sidelined.

I can hear the objections from some readers, but here’s the question. Do you want to win or do you want to be ideologically pure? If it is the former, it means getting the Chad and Stacy types to come to our side. The middle-aged guy with a mortgage and kids is not rallying to a knucklehead waving a Nazi flag. Pleasing the handful of yesterday men costs tens of thousands of recruits. You can’t win that way. If the alt-right makes ideological purity into a suicide pact, it will be their only accomplishment.

There is always someone who will say “the media will call us Nazis anyway, so why worry about it?” This is loser talk. If the media screams “Nazi” and they only have images of clean-cut, well dressed guys being polite and smart, the people will believe you. If on the other hand the media screams “Nazi” and you’re out waving Nazi flags, the public will believe the media. That’s how it works. Blaming the media for your failure to grasp this reality is just a way to excuse your lack of discipline and self-regard.

There’s a huge difference between posting memes of Nazi green frogs and turning up to a rally with swastika flags and doing heil Hitler salutes. Any substantial gains the ‘alt-right’ has made have come from the incessant internet trolling of the meme team, dominating the comment section, the rise of YouTube shitlording and clever street art.


Fun, aloofness, and contemptuous mockery is the wheelhouse of the dissident right, not Nazi LARPing. The Alt-Reich, as Vox Day calls them, clearly do not understand that our most effective means of pushing the ball forward is to fight a guerrilla war through the shitposting of 4chan combined with the more refined ‘hatefacts’ coming from the likes of Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson, Vox Day, Z Man, Stefan Molyneux, and countless others. Some more or less ‘controversial’ than those I’ve listed.

The battle is for the youth and disaffected millennials, who can be more easily reached through the medium of the internet and social media, and can be fed a more logical message unsullied by the mainstream media spin. Over time, the numbers will swell, and from this real political power is established. And thus far it has been working.

The path through victory isn’t through trying to beat the left at its own game, constant ‘civil disobedience’ in the streets. The left has perfected that game for decades, to the point where now they can infiltrate and disrupt any similar rallies the right tries to do, with the backing of the police, as we saw in Charlottesville.

The Alt-reich had a constitutional right to be stupid. Antifa were wrong, and unlawful for fomenting violence. But stupidity is not a strategy.