Midweek Reads (10 January 2017)

Some midweek reads for your consideration:

  1. Jeff Sessions is set to have his confirmation hearing today. Here is a lengthy piece from the New York Times about his life and career.

  3. Related – The first time Trump and Sessions met was back in 2005 when Trump was called to testify about the renovation of the UN building. Trump laughed at the idea that it would cost $1.5 billion to do the job, and thought it would only take half that. Sessions thought Trump was a ‘breath of fresh air.’

  5. Also Related – Corey Booker stands to testify against Sessions, making it the first time on sitting senator has testified against another up for a Cabinet position.

  7. Meryl Streep made waves at the Golden Globes by using the recognition of her life’s work as a platform for bashing Trump. As thin-skinned as that is, Piers Morgan takes further issue with the basic hypocrisy of Streep, stemming from her 2003 support of Roman Polanski.

  9. Deutsche Bank thinks Trump’s plans could double GDP growth, as long as the Federal Reserve doesn’t hike rates too quickly.

  11. That expectation has been seen in exploding small business euphoria

  13. John Hussman correctly thinks we should pump the brakes on the excitement, given current market valuations are more than stretched. It can be both true that Trump’s plans are going to be beneficial, while observing that there might have to be a valuation adjustment first before Trump’s plans can really take off.

  15. The Washington Post doesn’t want us to use the term ‘fake news’ anymore, because it has been co-opted by those on the right. This, from the publication that posted a totally false, incendiary article about the Russians tampering with the power system in Vermont. Vox Day explains that the term failed because the leftist media which coined it simply had far too many instances of disseminating ‘fake news’ than their adversaries that the term has rightfully stuck to them instead.

That’s it for now, until next time.