Sunday Reads: Merry Christmas Edition (25 Dec 2016)

A Merry Christmas to one and all. Take this time to reflect, recharge the batteries, eat good food, watch the gridiron, prepare for Boxing Day cricket and football, and be merry. Then prepare to bunker down and do it again for 2017:

  1. Vox Day with some nice words about the greater meaning of Christmas in humanity.

  3. Stefan Molyneux hosted a 5 hour interview marathon with several people who had a massive 2016. Includes the likes of Paul Joseph Watson, Vox Day, Bill Mitchell, Mike Cernovich, and much more.

  5. Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, Donna, attempted to destroy Quintus Curtius and other ‘manosphere’ writers for taking an interest in the Classics. Her main beef is with the fact that the Classics don’t conform to modern day SJW though, so she is taking those who wish to draw the correct messaging from them, as opposed to the SJW-sanitized version, to task. Quintus made her pay for disturbing a resting lion who was minding his own business here, and on Roosh’s Kingmaker podcast here.

  7. More from Quintus, this time articulating through the story of a World War I officer how to achieve a sense of security through action.

  9. The history of Boxing Day

  11. Vintage: Christmas in the 1920s

  13. An old classic, A Child’s Christmas in Wales by Dylan Thomas. The reading by Thomas himself (here), and the written version (here)

  15. Finally, Winston Churchill’s 1941 Christmas message from America, given just a few week after Pearl Harbor: 

    Let the children play and have their night of fun and laughter.  Let the gifts of Father Christmas delight their play.  Let us grown-ups share to the full their unstinted pleasures before we turn again to the stern task and the formidable years that lie before us, resolved that, by our sacrifice and daring, these same children shall not be robbed of their inheritance or denied their right to live in a free and decent world. 

    And so, in God’s mercy, a happy Christmas to you all.