De-Legitimizing 45

Ever since the election, leftists in the old media have been constantly attempting to de-legitimize Donald Trump’s victory:

  • The knee jerk response was to create the narrative that ‘Racism Won,’ best exemplified by Van Jones’ infamous ‘whitelash’ comment on election night. This was followed by further highlighting the alt-right, and Richard Spencer’s antics at his NPI conference a few weeks later.
  • The idea that ‘fake news’ spread on social media cost Clinton the election.
  • The recounts, based on spurious findings by computer scientists that the election results in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania (the states which won Trump the election, which coincidentally have enough electoral college votes to award Clinton the presidency had they been flipped)
  • The promotion of faithless electors via the biggest megaphone in the old media
  • The ‘confirmation’ that the Russian government influenced the 2016 election with a view to helping Trump win

These narratives have all been splashed across the media nonstop in the month since the election with the express purpose of de-legitimizing the result. The leftist old media did everything it could in the run up to the election to stop Trump, and those efforts failed. Having lost, it has retaliated by attempting to brainwash the public into thinking that Trump’s presidency is somehow not legitimate.

Given that many on the left, particularly the hardcore Social Justice set were so blindsided by the result, it is easy to understand why this line of response by the old media could be viable. But to the rest of us, it looks like sour grapes. There would be none of this if Clinton had won.

Trump is about to pick Rex Tillerson as his Secretary of State, according to most rumors. This has set the old media alight, given Tillerson’s friendly stance with Vladamir Putin. Of course there was none of this outrage when Clinton was still a presidential candidate, despite having dealt very favorably with the Russians as Secretary of State herself.

Indeed, the old media would have the public believe that the Russians are America’s public enemy number one, a position they laughed at Mitt Romney for having four years ago. They are siding with neocon warmongers in making saber-rattling display towards a nuclear power, simply because that position is the one on the other side of Trump’s.

The old media is playing a dangerous game, and to implicitly advocate for nuclear war over a disdain for the politics of its opposition suggests how bankrupt its views really are.