Five for Friday

The Al Smith charity dinner was last night in New York City, featuring Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump:

Trump gets started at about 7:40. It is supposed to be a lighthearted affair, filled with self deprecating humor and good fun. Neither candidate really adhered to that, Trump much less so.

What was prevalent more than anything else was the contempt and disgust Trump has for the ‘elites.’ These were the people who have been lambasting him for the last 18 months, for having the audacity to step outside the prescribed path. Despite his wealth, these are not ‘his people.’

At the start, he played nice, and delivered several good jokes, getting far more laughs than Hillary did later on. He then veered off the road and went full shitlord, doing a political impression of The Red Wedding. The boos he engendered did him more good than bad, as they were an audible confirmation that Trump is not of that class, and that his candidacy is consistent.


Former Joint Chiefs of Staff vice chairman General James Cartwright is in a whole heap of trouble for mishandling classified information – he faces up to five years in jail and a massive fine. Unfortunatley for Cartwright, he is not Hillary Clinton, otherwise he would have been made Democratic nominee for president.

The Washington Post handles this disgraceful situation quite well, pointing out the hypocrisy:

“There is a lack of proportion just based on the facts that one figure, Cartwright, is getting severely punished and others so far have escaped the process,” said Steven Aftergood, director of the project on government secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists. “He is being singled out for prosecution and public humiliation. It’s an implicit rebuttal to those who argued that other senior officials such as Clinton or Petraeus got off scott free or got too light of a sentence.”


In its statement announcing the conclusion of its three-year investigation of Cartwright, the FBI emphasized that his prosecution showed that the Justice Department is willing to go after senior officials.


“The FBI will continue to take all necessary and appropriate steps to thoroughly investigate individuals, no matter their position (emphasis added), who undermine the integrity of our justice system by lying to federal investigators,” said Assistant Director in Charge Paul Abbate.


That statement reveals that the FBI is trying address public criticism that it gives senior officials like Petraeus and Clinton special and favorable consideration, Aftergood said.

The DOJ seems to be acting politically here, saying, ‘SEE, SEE, IF YOU VIOLATE THE LAW WE WILL PROSECUTE!’ The only problem is that Cartwright doesn’t have the political connections Clinton does, and thus doesn’t have the immunity she does. This saga only confirms the public suspicion that the system is rigged against the average person.


Obamacare costs are spiking across the country:

  • Approved Hikes Just Under 20%: Colorado, Florida and Idaho
  • Approved Hikes 20% to 29%: Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland
  • Approved Hikes 30% to 49%: Alabama, Delaware, Hawaii, Kansas, Mississippi, Texas
  • Approved Hikes 50% to 92%: Arizona, Illinois, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee
  • Approved hikes 93%: New Mexico

Obama has defended this, trying to compare it to buying a starter home, and making improvements as you go along. The problem is, if you buy a starter home and it immediately starts falling apart, you made a mistake and didn’t do your due diligence in appraising it properly.



The usually excellent John Hussman summarizes the condition of the stock market bubble and investor attitudes:

I started this comment with a 126 year-old quote to emphasize that every cycle in history warns investors against relying on speculative extremes to be permanent. I recognize that some of you are going to insist on re-learning this the hard way. We’ve certainly learned our own lessons about the ability of zero interest rate policy to postpone the kind of market collapses that reliably followed overvalued, overbought, overbullish syndromes in other cycles across history (see the “Box” in The Next Big Short for the full narrative). But that temporary suspension of consequences entirely depends on investors remaining inclined toward risk-seeking (which we measure from the behavior of market internals). Following a brief post-Brexit strengthening in a few trend-following components, market internals have deteriorated again. The danger is that investors seem to believe that easy money supports overvalued financial markets regardless of market internals or the attitude of investors toward risk. The failure of investors to grasp this critical subtlety is likely to be the source of a great deal of pain over the completion of this market cycle.

Not much to add from me there, the whole thing is a must read.


Finally, CH discusses the gaslighting of Trump supporters being done by the media via manipulated polling in his trademark colorful manner:

The next question is, “how do rigged polls help thecunt? If she’s losing in reality, rigged polls will just make her more blissfully ignorant of her incoming defeat.”


The answer lies in the psychology of humans, and is related to Game and picking up women. If you create a perception of success or desirability, the voters (women) will assume you are going to win (bed them), and will paradoxically make your path to victory smoother.


There is a school of thought that says poll rigging can hurt more than it helps, by instilling in thecunt’s degenerate freak mafia a smug complacency about her inevitable victory, which will depress turnout as her supporters stay home to passively watch her victory unfold. I don’t buy this. It’s a misunderstanding of human nature, specifically the part of human nature which loves to “crush your enemies and see them driven before you”. If thecunt’s supporters feel emboldened by favorable polls, they will be MORE likely to swarm the voting booths to get a chance to participate in the bloodbath.


No, let’s dispel with this notion that the rigged system is a stroke of providence that will hurt thecunt in the end. The rigged system operatives know exactly what they’re doing, and that is why Trump is right to call them out on it.


Big ol’ rigged polls serve thecunt in three ways:


  1. Perception of desirability/success/inevitability.
  2. Demoralization of Trump supporters. (Bad polls can depress turnout for the candidate who is behind)
  3. Most importantly, rigged polls give cover to thecunt conglomerate to engage in vote fraud.


On that last point, the calculus works like this: If the polls are accurate and going into the election there is a small MOE difference between thecunt and Trump, then it would be harder for thecunt to pull off vote fraud without Trump contesting it and shining a light on all the DNC crookedness. If, otoh, the clown world polls are rigged and going into Election Day thecunt leads by double digits, (even if in reality she’s tied with Trump), then committing vote fraud becomes a lot more plausibly deniable, (media hack: “oh come now, trumpenpleb, why would the hillary campaign commit vote fraud when all the polls showed her coasting to victory?”)