The Lesson In Tactics From Charlottesville

Yesterday’s Charlottesville post was mostly concerned with the event as a whole from a legal and constitutional standpoint. And on that score, Unite The Right, who were there protesting the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue were expressing a first amendment right, and had gotten the OK of the authorities. Any violence that occurred was because Antifa ‘counter-protesters’ showed up with the explicit intent to bring the ruckus. The police and the government, perhaps deliberately, did little to prevent the powder keg from exploding. The authorities are ultimately responsible for spiral of violence that followed.

That doesn’t mean Richard Spencer and company can be proud of themselves for the events of the weekend. They made a substantial tactical error by continuing to permit the Nazi LARPing, even feeding into it with some of the visuals from the torch rally the night before. As I said in the post yesterday: if you actually want to win the long run, where winning is restoring America to her former greatness, extolling the virtues of 1930s German National Socialism is an odd way to do it, to put it mildly. Continue reading The Lesson In Tactics From Charlottesville

On the Violence in Charlottesville

My take on what happened in Charlottesville:

Whatever you think of Unite the Right, or the demonstration against the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue, they had a lawful and constitutional right to stage a peaceful rally. The only reason violence “broke out” was because Antifa operate on the principle of “We don’t like you so you can’t associate, so we’ll stop you from associating by any means necessary.” This is unlawful.

To the extent to which there were Nazi cosplayers among the Unite the Right crowd is almost irrelevant. This is the United States of America, one has the right to express his or herself, no matter how terrible that expression is. Furthermore, and I reiterate – the Unite the Right crowd went through the proper channels, obtained a permit to demonstrate, working with the authorities to guarantee a safe environment. Antifa did not.

The Antifa “counter-protesters” went there with the express purpose of breaking up a legitimate, constitutionally backed assembly of individuals. That is a crime, an infringement on the rights of others. Doubly so when the means of breaking up said assembly was through violence.

Antifa responding to a rally it doesn’t like

Now, the argument leveled by Antifa is that the mere existence of Unite the Right/white nationalists/whatever is itself a violent act. Indeed, anyone who voices opinions to the right of Lenin is lumped together by Antifa as dispensers of ‘hate speech,’ and thus violent actors against whom counter-violence is acceptable, and even honorable. These are communists after all, and they don’t shy away from it, with hammer and sickle flags flying high above their congregations, and propaganda posters which highlight the influence of the intellectual progenitor of the movement, Bolshevism. Continue reading On the Violence in Charlottesville

Reality Doesn’t Care About Feelings, Vol. 7 – James Damore v Goolag

In 1957, Chairman Mao said the following during a speech in Peking:

Letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend is the policy for promoting progress in the arts and the sciences and a flourishing socialist culture in our land.

The speech was intended to encourage Chinese intellectuals to voice their criticism of the Chinese system, such that it could be improved. What ended up happening was that the outpouring of dissent against the Communist regime was used as evidence in the sentencing of those intellectuals to hard labor and prison for crimes against the regime.

The period was known as the Hundred Flowers Campaign. The recent case of Google engineer James Damore and his viral memo has parallels to what happened during that campaign. Google’s Vice President of Diversity, Integrity & Governance, Danielle Brown released a statement in response to the memo, part of which contained the following:

Diversity and inclusion are a fundamental part of our values and the culture we continue to cultivate. We are unequivocal in our belief that diversity and inclusion are critical to our success as a company, and we’ll continue to stand for that and be committed to it for the long haul. As Ari Balogh said in his internal G+ post, “Building an open, inclusive environment is core to who we are, and the right thing to do. ‘Nuff said.”

Like Mao, Brown was effusive in the praise for multiple viewpoints, openness, and inclusion, which she described as ‘critical to our success as a company.’

Yet, Damore’s views clearly were not acceptable, both internally and to the public as word of the memo started to spread. Continue reading Reality Doesn’t Care About Feelings, Vol. 7 – James Damore v Goolag

The Meme Heard Round The World (Or, CNN Can’t Take A Joke)

The entirely media-created, faux outrage laden Trump Wrestlemania Twitter ‘controversy’ took an interesting turn when CNN, unable to take its loss like a man, decided to threaten the individual who made the meme which the President so gleefully posted over the weekend.

Of course, CNN will interpret it differently, but a look at what happened would render their interpretation invalid. Analyzing this episode is important for various reasons, which will be made clear as I go on.

But first, to the events themselves. After Trump posted the now famous tweet heard ‘round the world, the Washington Post published this article, detailing that the GIF came from a Reddit user called ‘HanAssholeSolo,’ (HAS). It then chronicled HAS’s history of questionable posts on Reddit. Other journalists took this and began to broadcast the wrongthink of HAS all across Twitter. Continue reading The Meme Heard Round The World (Or, CNN Can’t Take A Joke)

Happy 241st, America

Today, the United States of America turns 241 years old, and according to the press, its new President has spoiled the party mood.  He has done this by way of his general vulgarity, and his attacks on the free press.

Of course by ‘the free press,’ I refer to publications such as the New York Times, Washington Post and CNN, and it is publications such as these which have advanced the charge, echoed by those with leftist political, social and economic persuasions.

This latest round of pants wetting was induced by a Trump Twitter double salvo: the first aimed at MSNBC Morning Joe hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough:

(Tweets: I heard poorly rated Morning Joe speaks badly of me (don’t watch anymore). Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe, came to Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year’s Eve, and insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!)

And the second aimed at CNN:

In truth, both of these episodes are examples of shitposting par excellence. Joe and Mika had, after giving reasonable, balanced coverage of the President during his run through the primaries, turned on a dime after receiving massive criticism from fellow leftists and decided to become Trump Derangement Syndrome: The TV Show. Continue reading Happy 241st, America

Chronicles of Trump versus The Establishment : Comey, Russia and ‘Classified Leaks’

Regardless of what happens from here on out, President Trump will have accomplished the invaluable public service of exposing the naked hypocrisy of The Establishment, comprised of your “name brand” Republican and Democrat politicians, mainstream media, and their backers in big business and academia.

This cohort stands in opposition to President Trump, owing to his pledge to put America First in all matters. This nationalist focus is at odds with the globalist view of the world which is the preference of The Establishment. Having failed to keep him out of the White House, The Establishment has gone all in to peddle the conspiracy that the Trump campaign – and even Trump himself – colluded with the Russian government to undermine Hillary Clinton, and win himself the presidency.

The latest leg of this Collusion Theory story has gathered steam on the back of President Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey last week. Minutes after the announcement began to spread across the media, a copy of the letter which informed Comey of his dismissal was made public.


The following line stood out:

While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the Bureau.

It drew attention given it was a bit out of place in a termination letter. One could interpret that as Trump being Trump, firing a not so sly salvo in the ongoing information war, knowing that the letter would be read on every network at least once an hour over the next day or two. The sheer audacity of the man, to essentially shitpost under the White House letterhead, is something to behold, in a positive way.

Of course the cynical interpretation for the inclusion of that line was that for Trump to have had a Russia investigation on his mind in the first place, to the extent that he would want to assert to the public that it didn’t involve him, is evidence that Trump intended to tamper with that investigation. This was immediately seized upon by The Establishment and its Old Media mouthpiece. Senator Chuck Schumer made a statement wondering out loud whether Comey had ‘hit too close to home,’ calling for a Special Prosecutor to look into the Russia matter.

This cynical interpretation was further advanced a few days later, when Trump, in an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, admitted that he had always intended to fire Comey. Trump further went on and cited Comey’s role in ‘this Russia thing’ as instrumental in his decision making. He also referred to a now infamous dinner the two men had on January 27, the accounts of which differ depending on who is asked.

Leaving aside the ‘why’ of Comey’s firing, the fact that he was fired at all prompted the hypocrisy and duplicitous nature of The Establishment to rise to the surface.

For a start, the May 9th firing of Comey came on the back of a multi-week Comey bashing campaign in the media and among DC politicians. He was personally blamed for having cost Hillary Clinton the election as a result of his handling of Clinton’s email scandal. Clinton herself decided to pipe up, declaring that if it weren’t for Comey’s late October shenanigans she would have been President, before declaring herself as part of The Resistance to Trump.

Comey was further excoriated after a May 3rd testimony in front of Congress in which he exaggerated the number of emails which were sent to now-disgraced Anthony Wiener’s laptop by his wife and Clinton confidant Huma Abedin. The FBI was forced to walk Comey’s testimony back a bit, leading to more remarks about Comey’s incompetence.

This recent burst of criticism for Comey was merely the culmination of several months’ worth of Comey bashing, ever since his fateful July 2016 presser in which he declared that a reasonable prosecutor would not bring charges against Clinton, despite not being in a position to comment on what the Department of Justice ultimately should or shouldn’t do. President Trump gleefully reminded The Establishment of its universal scorn for Comey via this video which he posted to Twitter.

The reason Trump posted the video was that on the evening of May 9th, following Trump’s canning of Comey, Comey had been miraculously transformed into a martyr, a six foot eight pillar of Truth, from whom the sweet smell of Justice and Democracy had once emanated, now tainted by the ‘little whiff’ of Trump’s ‘fascism,’ according to Chris Matthews.

Then, there were the media reports of the specifics and little details behnd the scenes, which of course were riddled with anonymous sources and innuendo. As typical of the Old Media reporting on the Russian Conspiracy Theory, it was constructed to paint an unjust, nefarious, and even felonious explanation for the Comey firing.

Indeed, just this afternoon, a story emerged in the Washington Post alleging President Trump divulged highly sensitive, classified information to the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during his visit to the White House last week. The allegation, predictably, is being used to further the Russian collusion meme.

The report ignores that the President, by virtue of being the President has the right to declassify whatever he wants. It also ignores he fact that the Obama administration did similar information sharing with the Russians last year, which of course was reported very differently by that same Washington Post.

The report also has all the hallmarks of the Old Media smear campaign against the President, in an attempt to punish him for the sin of wanting to have better relations with the Russians. The sources for the report are the famous anonymous current and former government officials (aka Obama people) we’ve come to know and love. There were only a handful of people in the meeting, and one of whom, HR McMaster, has since released a statement declaring the WaPo article to be false.

That doesn’t mean the damage hasn’t been done. The media and Establishment politicians have worked tirelessly since the election to cultivate a Russian Collusion Conspiracy Theory, and their continued efforts have been successful in influencing the minds of the average observer. The meeting in question was only attended by a handful of individuals, and owing to the sensitive material discussed therein, key elements of the WaPo story cannot be officially commented on. The Conservative Treehouse breaks this down further:

The Washington Post states it:

“is withholding most plot details, including the name of the city, at the urging of officials who warned that revealing them would jeopardize important intelligence capabilities.”

Right there you see the same “officials” who are leaking the story to the Washington Post are telling the Washington Post not to publish details of a classified intelligence report they are leaking.

This is NOT the White House or on-the-record sources telling the Washington Post not to publish the details, this is “the intelligence leaker” telling the Post not to publish the details. Notice how the Post tries to conflate that reality.

This statement from the Washington Post itself, a self-admission, indicates that current or former “U.S. officials” have leaked classified information to the Post and told them to retract part of the report being leaked and cited.

Ironically this is the exact same classified intelligence information they claim Trump put the nation at risk by revealing (which he didn’t).

See how that works?

Thus the media gets to put its version out there and it can go relatively unchallenged in the Old Media echo chamber, which still has a wide reach. The administration can deny, but it becomes a matter of he said, she said.

Combating the well-established Russia Collusion media behemoth with a simple  ‘we didn’t do it’ from McMaster is always going to look weak. But the administration is hamstrung in this instance. And the media knows it. Such insidious tactics underscore the snake-like composition of The Establishment roadblock in the President’s way.

As usual, it has fallen to New Media entities to set the record straight. With respect to the aftermath of the Comey firing, The Daily Wire noted that multiple pieces of the Comey firing puzzle disseminated by the Old Media were erroneous at best, outright lies at worst. I will list some of those claims here, and you can read the DW article for the details if need be.

  1. Trump fired Comey as he was asking for more funds for the Russia Conspiracy Theory (False – Deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe refutes that claim in Senate Testimony)
  2. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threatened to quit over being cited by Trump as the reason for the decision (False)
  3. Comey’s firing lowered morale at the FBI, prior to that the rank and file were thrilled, despite Trump saying otherwise (False – PBS admits that morale had ‘taken a beating’ months prior to Comey’s firing. Furthermore, we know that Comey’s October 2016 shenanigans may have been forced by an open mutiny in the FBI)
  4. Trump is interfering with the FBI investigation into the Russia Conspiracy Theory (False – in McCabe’s testimony he also specifically stated that the “firing of Mr. Comey had not affected the Justice Department’s investigation of Russia’s meddling in the presidential election.”
  5. Trump lied about Comey telling him that he was not under investigation (Bottom line is that Comey had told the Senate as much, with even Dianne Fienstein admitting there is 0 evidence to support the Russian Conspiracy Theory to boot)
  6. This is reminiscent of Watergate, and the Saturday Night Massacre (False – as the DW article points out, by this juncture of the investigation, Nixon administration officials were already in jail, and more were on the brink. The wolves were closing in. There is zero evidence of any wrongdoing by anyone related to the Trump campaign/administration. Trump is not even under investigation, let alone charged with anything)

That many of these threads had been debunked just hours after they were advanced by the Old media was of little concern to that festering lot. Their main aim was to advance the narrative that the Comey firing was indicative of a Nixon-esque, Watergate style cover up.

Of course this presupposes that there is a ‘something’ to cover up. And it is exactly this presupposition that the Old Media is attempting to buttress through the narrative that something shady is going on. The Russian collusion conspiracy to date has no tangible evidence supporting it, a fact that Establishment politicians who would love to ruin Trump, such as Senator Dianne Feinstein, has been forced to admit.

Devoid of any evidence of collusion conspiracies, a success in selling the Comey firing as a cover up would legitimize the Collusion Conspiracy in a roundabout manner. It is essentially fake news layered on top of more fake news, a true feat for the Old Media in the age of Trump.

Appointing a special prosecutor to look into the matter would do little more than provide an opportunity to erect yet another layer of fake news onto the saga. Even nominal Trump supporters have warmed to the idea of the special prosecutor, citing the fact that the situation is now so muddy that we could do with an impartial voice to clear the air.

Even though these supporters understand there is nothing to the Russian Conspiracy, they believe that investigating it via special prosecutor would do the President a favor as it would prove the nothingness once and for all. It’s a noble sentiment, but unrealistic. I have no doubt the special prosecutor would find something – not evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, mind – but some tangible legal indiscretion.

Any wrongdoing from a Trump associate, from outstanding parking tickets up to a discrepancy in testimony which could be deemed perjury would hand the impetus to the anti-Trump faction. The wrongdoing found by the special prosecutor, while not the Russian collusion theory that is alleged, would be promoted by the media to attribute to Trump this ‘rationale’ for Comey’s firing, thereby attaining grounds to ‘confirm’ the coverup angle, and in turn ‘confirming’ the idea that there was something concrete to cover up in the first place. The whole would-be scheme is comparable to organized crime establishing legitimate business lines through which the streams of illegitimate money can flow after the fact.

Tony Soprano explaining to his therapist that he makes his living as a “Waste Management Consultant”

Again, there is NO evidence for the now foundational layer of the collusion conspiracy – that is there is no evidence that Trump or his associates colluded with Russian officials to meddle with the 2016 Presidential Election. Neither President Trump, nor any of his top aides are under investigation. To date, the names who have been publicly reported as being under some sort of official scrutiny in regards to this matter – Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Carter Page and Michael Flynn – have all stated publicly their willingness to testify before the government in an open setting. That an Establishment government which would love nothing more than to nail Trump to the wall has not leapt into action in setting up such hearings is quite telling.

With the exception of Flynn, they have each done multiple television interviews on the Russian conspiracy theory, seemingly with no lawyers present, answering each and every question freely. Interestingly, these television appearances have not been noteworthy.

Roger Stone on The Today Show

Given that these figures are the only tangible thread hanging from the Trump sweater, one would think that an Old Media which has all the interest in the world to tug on that thread, potentially televising the ‘smoking gun’ Trump-ending interview heard round the world, would be falling over themselves hyping up any questionable statement which was made. Yet nothing in the interviews that the men had given was particularly interesting or newsworthy, which says everything.

Furthermore, while the aforementioned Trump allies are willing to talk fully and openly, one Susan Rice is unwilling to do so. Rice, the former National Security Advisor, was pinned as the ultimate source of the leaking of Mike Flynn’s name to the press, which to date is the only publicly known criminal act committed during this entire Russian conspiracy saga. The bottom line is that Trump’s allies are not acting like the guilty would act in these situations. Rather, it is his opponents who are acting like they have something to hide.

All of this makes the circumstances surrounding Comey’s firing that much more intriguing. Comey was reportedly caught off guard completely by the firing, and found out as he was talking to FBI personnel – by noticing the news of his firing being announced on TV screens in the background. He was pulled aside later and informed that it wasn’t a prank, and that he really had been fired.

Comey was in LA at the time, about as far away as he possibly could have been from his Washington DC office. There were little to no leaks, with insiders only finding out minutes before the deed was done. The whole thing was seemingly done tactically with a military precision, emblematic of the war between Trump and The Establishment in general. Trump not only fired Comey, but gave him no notice with which he could have used to ‘get his ducks in a row,’ which in the context of Trump’s presidency would mean making sure that the bodies remained buried and that the closet with all the skeletons remained sealed shut.

(Tweet: CNN’s Jeff Zeleny reporting that Comey’s office is cordoned off with yellow crime scene tape. You can’t make this stuff up)

Make no mistake, James Comey is an entrenched member of The Swamp that Trump promised to drain upon being elected president. Whatever Trump’s reason for getting rid of him, the bottom line is that he was an implement for The Establishment in its war with Trump via his maintenance of the Russian Collusion conspiracy in an official capacity. After his dismissal, he could have continued on in his obsequiousness to Establishment ends by giving official credence to the ‘cover up’ narrative in later testimony, in the press, or elsewhere. Sally Yates is doing a sterling job of this, with her testimony to Congress, and will undoubtedly continue this during her scheduled CNN exclusive appearance tomorrow night.

Trump changed that potential plan of action for Comey with a simple tweet, in another fascinating display of Presidential politics in the Social Media age.

(Tweet: James Comey better hope that there are no “tapes” of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!)

That bomb of a tweet neutered any designs Comey may have had of causing trouble. By not so subtly reminding him that all of their private conversations had been recorded, most likely by Comey’s FBI, coming out with intentionally inflammatory accounts of what happened between the two men would do nothing but come back to bite him hard.

I’m principally referring to a dinner the two men had on January 27th, a few days after the inauguration. The account of this dinner differs, and you can read a lengthy account of how that night fits into the entirety of the Russian collusion saga here. The important thing is that Trump’s loud Twitter proclamation suggests that he holds the winning hand in all of this. He wouldn’t be so brazen and more importantly so public otherwise.

His actions indicate the reality of the war between he and The Establishment, Deep State, et cetera. The Establishment has nothing on Trump, which is why he truly is the most dangerous politician of modern times, at least to them. There is no leverage that Deep State acolytes like Comey can use to shift Trump, which makes him uncontrollable.

This is why the media has resorted to the strategy of taking leaked information from the Obama/Bush career professionals still in the government, adopting the most cynical interpretation possible, and weaving it into a narrative that Trump is incompetent, corrupt, or is somehow threatening National Security, of course, as defined by The Establishment. The Washington Post hit piece from earlier today is a perfect example.

Trump’s playbook had seemingly been to play nice, understanding the enormous power he has as an individual who can’t really be controlled. The ‘threatening’ tweet towards Comey could easily be interpreted as Trump trying to help Comey out. He is essentially saying ‘don’t fight me; you don’t have a leg to stand on, just bow out gracefully.’ If Comey still doesn’t relent, Trump can then bury him with no remorse.

This also demonstrates that he is willing to use the power he has in unapologetic fashion when cornered. It does not augur well for The Swamp. The Trump/Comey tweet situation to me seems like a microcosm of Trump’s entire presidency thus far as it relates to The Swamp. It seems that Trump is willing to let some of the sins of the past be bygones as long as The Swamp steps aside, allowing his America First Agenda to move forward unencumbered. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of the narcissistic, power-seeking nature of Establishment figures knows that such deference to the Trump Agenda will never happen. Thus, Trump will have to fight.

Given Trump’s willingness to do just that, combined with his ownership of the winning hand, the future does look bleak for these Establishment types. Owing to their narcissism, they would rather take the whole shebang down with them rather than admit defeat. And this is what will happen. The only thing The Establishment and its Old Media mouthpiece can do is to construct conspiratorial narratives in the face of such a beat down in order to influence the public against Trump, with the hopes that the public can be manipulated to come to their rescue at the ballot box. The resulting, but necessary turmoil in government that will come with a true Swamp-draining will be an ally in that regard. It will be up to the public to have the intellect to understand that the short term chaos will result in longer term stability.


It reminds me of a funny bit near the beginning of the recent Netflix documentary about Roger Stone. In it, Stone describes being a young kid during the 1960 election, specifically a mock election which was held among the students. Prior to that mock election, Stone had informed his classmates that Richard Nixon had pledged to add an extra day of school to the week, making students come in on Saturday. JFK ended up winning the mock election unanimously.

Stone points to the experience as teaching him a lesson about the value of misinformation. The same thing is happening today with respect to the Russia collusion conspiracy. The Establishment and the Old Media are playing the part of Stone, attempting to poison the minds of the ‘studious’ American Public against Trump by intimating that he is some sort of Russian agent personally installed as President by Vladimir Putin.

One can only hope that the American public does not complete the analogy in accepting this narrative, thus revealing its collective intellectual capacity to be on par with 7 year olds. To this point, consider the following, rather delicious clip from Stephen Colbert’s show last week.

The show in question was recorded a few minutes after the Comey news broke, at roughly 6pm, when his show is taped. Colbert relays the news to his audience, which erupts in cheers and applause. Colbert is momentarily taken aback; when he recovers he dismissively remarks that there must be a lot of Trump fans in the audience.

The reality is that there probably weren’t many Trump fans in Colbert’s audience, as fans of the two men do not overlap, particularly given Colbert has been one of the more prominent examples of Trump Derangement Syndrome ever since the election.

What happened was that Colbert’s audience, representative of the standard indoctrinated American, was still operating under the old ‘Comey is Bad’ software. Recall the news media and prominent politicians had been roasting Comey for the last few days and weeks prior to his firing as mentioned earlier. The cheers were for the perceived comeuppance of the James Comey who had wrought such misery.

The 10-15 minutes between Comey’s firing and Colbert letting them know about it was not enough time for these average Americans to have downloaded and installed the ‘Comey is Good Now, So Trump Firing Him is Bad’ software update into their programmed cranium. This is why Colbert was startled for a second, and thus rationalized the cheers as the room being full of Trump supporters.

But he shouldn’t have been worried, as the indoctrinated Americans had not received the update to how they should think, precisely because guys like him hadn’t had the chance to tell them yet. This is what Colbert proceeded to do as the video went on, and as the crowd began to ‘get it,’ the cheers became boos.

Our intelligence was further insulted yesterday by CNN and CBS. James Clapper was on with Jake Tapper and the two of them proceeded to speak in somber tones about how the Comey firing was a threat to democracy.

Clapper invoked the founding fathers and their deliberate distribution of powers across three branches of government in making his argument, relying on the ignorance of the viewing audience, in not understanding that the FBI is a body within the same executive branch that Trump currently heads, rendering the firing of Comey to techncally being little more than a boss firing a subordinate.

Then, CBS decided to eulogize Comey on 60 Minutes by replaying a 2014 interview it did with him. The underlying theme of the interview was that Comey was a moral and upstanding man. The evidence for this was largely his defiance of George W. Bush and his focus on things like promoting diversity in the FBI, both things that score one Morality Points on the leftist scorecard.

Of course, the purpose for replaying that interview was to not so subtly establish to the public what a great man we had in the FBI, to thus not so subtly establish what a monster Trump is for firing him.

As I stated at the beginning of this piece, this is the naked hypocrisy of The Establishment which Donald Trump, both as a candidate and now as President has illuminated for the public to see. Not even Blinding Agents such as Colbert can keep the public misinformed forever, despite the influence they wield.

Thoughts on the Push for More Syrian Intervention

For me, one of President Trump’s more memorable lines from his inaugural was the following:

We do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example for everyone to follow.

It was memorable because, should it be carried out to the fullest, a substantive change in American foreign policy was afoot. From the onset of the Spanish-American War of 1898, the United States had embraced a policy of interventionism, which forever changed its character as a nation.

Back then, rebels fighting for Cuban independence from Spain provided the impetus for the United States to try it hand at interventionism. President Grover Cleveland at first declared the US neutral to the events in Cuba, but the 1896 election of President William McKinley came with a platform of endorsing Cuban independence and democracy for Cuba. From there, the calls for intervention grew, greatly aided by the yellow journalism of William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer, whose papers regularly painted a picture of the Spanish as barbarians to prime the American mind for war.

The sinking of the USS Maine under dubious circumstances further inflamed tensions. Ultimately the US declared war on Spain in April 1898 (even after Spain had pledged to grant the Cubans their freedom), kicking off what would be nearly 120 years of American foreign adventures, interventions and imperialist plays.

Even after all of that time, war continues to be a racket. As General Smedley Butler wrote so many years ago, the end result of war is massive profits for a select few, earned on the back of the death, maiming, and psychological trauma suffered by others, not to mention the physical destruction of civilizational landscapes built over the generations.

All that has changed are the names involved. Where it was once Presidents McKinley and Wilson sending poor American youth to fight, ultimately enriching the Du Ponts and US Steels of the world, today it is the Presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama sending poor American youth to fight wars ultimately enriching the Lockheed Martins, BAE Systems and Raytheons.

Where once the civilian population had the fortitude, national spirit and more importantly the savings to both buy war bonds and endure the necessary shortages and rationing that war brought about, today’s Americans view war more apathetically. To the extent we can draw ourselves away from our smartphones, Starbucks and celebrity gossip, the constant nature of our military adventures across the globe seem barely there. It is like the hum of a radiator – loud enough to be noticeable, and yet easily relegated to background noise as time goes on.

Perhaps this is by design. Some level of constant war means constant defense contracts, which means hundreds of billions in annual revenue. All the while the general horrors of war are kept from the public writ large, save for the families of the dead, maimed and wounded.

The public had been generally accepting of this low level of constant war mainly because there was no direct, up-front cost.  The government was not getting the money for wars from its citizens as it did in the past – it was borrowing from foreigners or merely printing the money. This meant that the public never had much skin in the game. There have been no rations during recent wartime as there were in the past – in fact the opposite has happened. The American public indulged further in decadence as war persisted in the background, with McMansions, expensive vacations and SUVs – also purchased on credit – satiating the need for instant gratification.

To be sure, there has been protest against war all along the way, but these protests have been nothing the government couldn’t swat aside, or simply ignore so as to fulfill its wishes.

As time has gone on, however, the anti-war cries have grown ever louder and have become more widespread. This is, in a sense, owing to the downsides of the credit-fueled decadence of the last few decades. The financial crisis of 2008, in particular, shone a light on the folly of an economy resting its foundation on debt backed consumption. In the aftermath that collapse, the government decided to bail out the banks and other holders of assets obtained at sky high valuations, while the general population saw foreclosures, layoffs, and home and 401k nest eggs sliced in half.

After the asset holders were made whole thanks to the government and the Federal Reserve, they were made better than whole in the asset price rally that occurred. This did little for the man in the street, who still dealt with a tough job market, a rising cost of living, an increased need to take on debt to put children through college, and spiraling healthcare costs.

On top of this, the government didn’t seem to be taking care of the basics. To take a flight, for example, meant traversing over highways riddled with potholes, bridges which were crumbling, through tunnels which were last upgraded half a century ago, only to arrive at decrepit airports not worthy of a country which is meant to be the greatest on earth.

All of this meant that President Trump’s repeated declaration on the campaign trail that we could have rebuilt the United States twice with the trillions wasted in the Middle East was that much more powerful. After years of feeling duped over a much touted economic recovery that didn’t feel like one, the American electorate as a whole finally started to wonder why exactly so much of their future was being pissed away in Middle East deserts when to date almost nothing of value had been gained.

To the contrary, in fact, much had been lost. The utter mess that has come of Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Egypt (initially) and now Syria has led to a refugee crisis which has not yet touched the US in the same way it has Europe, but remains concerning given the decline in quality of life which has resulted in the Old World.

With Trump’s candidacy, the United States’ fetish for backing Jihadist ‘rebels’ to depose of secular Muslim dictators under the guise of a Wilson-esque desire to make the Middle East suddenly primed for a tsunami of Anglo-democracy finally became exposed for what it was – the Millennial iteration of that age old Racket. The only people who benefited were the aforementioned defense contractors, and the globalist ideologues who supported filling their coffers to supply the war efforts.

In taking the stance that the Middle East adventurism of the past was a waste of time and we should aim to soothe rather than inflame relations with Russia, Trump stood in contrast to not only Hillary Clinton, but the majority of his own party, represented by the likes of John McCain, Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham. Beyond that, the rest of the foreign policy establishment of think tanks and media punditry, all of whom sang the globalist war hymn with gusto, were all taken aback by Trump.

With Trump’s November 8th win, many of his most ardent supporters thought that the game had changed with respect to foreign policy. So when word of a chemical attack in Syria, followed a day later by tough talk and accusations from US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, followed by similar talk that afternoon by Trump at a press conference flanked by the King of Jordan, followed the next day by a strike of 59 Tomahawk missiles into Syria, Trump’s supporters were naturally unnerved.

And rightly so, for this was clearly an action which suggested that the new boss was the same as the old boss.

Doubly concerning was the outpouring of unbridled joy coming from the aforementioned globalist foreign policy establishment at the increasing developments.  On the night of the strikes, Marco Rubio did the rounds on television and couldn’t hide his glee. The night before, John McCain was on Fox News, speaking with increasing excitement about what the next steps should be, understanding that Trump had signaled for more hawkishness in response to the chemical attack.

Hillary Clinton, speaking at a public event, expressed her wishes for Syrian bombing in response to the chemical attack. Lindsey Graham spoke of the need for 5000-7000 troops to be deployed immediately. Brian Williams of MSNBC was ebullient as he watched video of the missiles being fired, using the word ‘beautiful’ in his description of the events three times in 30 seconds.

The immediate aftermath of the strikes saw both Fareed Zakaria and Reagan/Bush era Neocon Elliott Abrams (who was last seen attempting to weasel into the State Department as Deputy to Secretary Rex Tillerson)  declare that with the strikes, Donald Trump had become the President of the United States and the Leader of the Free world. All it took for a media and political establishment to finally support him universally, when it had opposed him universally since the inception of his campaign, was to bomb a country in the Middle East.

As I watched that reaction, I then realized the naivety myself and some other Trump supporters had displayed in our hope that Trump would just walk roughshod over the globalists. Their world view, having been the orthodoxy for several decades, is very much entrenched and will take some shifting.

And thus we should be thankful that we have a shifty President in Donald Trump.

It is almost irrelevant what actually happened in Syria, with respect to the chemical attack. The official line is that Assad gassed his own people and thus a proportional response was required. More than this, it was used as further evidence that Assad had to be removed from power.

In watching the pundit class talk about these points, I was particularly annoyed with these constant repetitions of ‘gassing his own people,’ the evil nature of using chemical weapons, dead babies, and the celebrations of the moral superiority and exceptionalism of the United States. For a start, the conflict in question is a Civil War. This means that every belligerent involved, whether its Assad or the Jihadist ‘rebels,’ some of which are US-funded, have been ‘killing their own people’ the entire time. Abe Lincoln ‘killed his own people’ and is considered one of the greatest US presidents ever.

In terms of the use of chemical weapons, the idea that Assad would resort to this when by all accounts he very much had the upper hand in the war strains credulity. Especially when one considers he was tried and convicted in the court of American Warmongering within 24 hours of the attack.

With the only ones set to benefit from such an attack being American war hawks, through the existence of a new pretext for war, and the fact that anything following the phrase “US intelligence believes…” is equally likely to be propaganda as it is fact, suspicion was warranted. Unfortunately, it only came in the shape of Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and Senator Rand Paul in the US, and Peter Ford, the former UK ambassador to Syria. All of these figures were predictably marginalized despite speaking sensibly.

Then there was the moral posturing over how evil it was to be killing women and babies. As the week went on, the media produced reports that the Russians, Assad’s backers, might even have known about the attacks, a brazen attempt to further egg on the conflict the globalist set really craves – war between the US and Russia. Trump himself joined in on the posturing, almost comical in the way he forcibly worked dead beautiful babies and the like into every sentence he spoke on the matter. This moral posturing of course was done to paint the US in a superior light. The same US which once had Madeline ‘500,000 Iraqi children dying was worth it’ Albright as its Secretary of State.

I say these things not to absolve anyone from moral atrocities, but to ridicule the use of moral atrocity as a pretext for renewed war efforts in Syria. It doesn’t really matter what really happened there over the last two weeks or so because those events became merely a springboard for further intervention in Syria at the behest of the globalist set. Assad’s alleged humanitarian atrocities are the public justification as to why it must happen.

The broader reason is that Assad stands in the way of the destabilization of Syria, an event which in turn opens the way for a US backed pipeline running from Qatar to Turkey, which in turn undercuts the Russian supply of energy to Europe. This is important, given Russia stands as a nuclear backed opposition to NATO, and globalism generally, in the same way it stands in opposition to US-backed Jihadis in the Syrian Civil War. Of course there are your standard Sunni/Shiite conflicts embedded as well. The whole thing is a mess.

The torrent of praise Trump received for taking even the slightest step toward the globalist direction in Syria should be noted, because that same torrent is responsible for the characterization of Trump as a Putin double agent. Owing to Trump’s campaign rhetoric, and his willingness to ‘get along with Russia,’ he was subject to a myriad of leak-fueled reporting intended to propagate innuendo that Trump colluded with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton. All of a sudden, with that strike, those stories have died down, as if the globalist set have said ‘phew, he’s following our plan, let’s leave him alone so he can carry it out with as little distraction as possible.’

And indeed, Trump may go on to do that. But as I said, he is a shifty character and a master of The Art of the Deal. My sense is that Trump gave the globalists a little bit of joy with that strike, indulging them in a bit of aggro in on foreign soil, adopting their humanitarian rationale to boot. It is the ultimate aim of the aggression that is of concern here.  The ideal outcome of the Syrian Civil War for America is a solution that defeats the Jihadi ‘rebels,’ and ends with the US extricating itself from Syria. Whether Assad stays or goes is really of little concern, but given the fact that the narrative of Assad being a war criminal is the overwhelming prevailing narrative, he might have to go to satiate those voices.

The globalists have been telling us that Assad needs to go because he is a war criminal. Fine. Get rid of the Jihadi ‘rebels,’ arrange Assad’s exile to Russia perhaps, and install someone else who everyone, including the Russians can agree on. Stabilize Syria, and get out of dodge.

Of course, hat solution wouldn’t satisfy the globalists, as the Syrian piece on the geopolitical chess board would be out of their reach. They couldn’t get their pipeline through the country, and Russia would still have its influence. They would prefer the Jihadi ‘rebels’ as replacements, who would take Syria down the road to becoming an Islamist hellhole, but one friendly to American globalist wishes. The globalists would tolerate the terrorism and refugee crisis that would result, and attempt to tell the average American to tolerate it as well, but it wouldn’t be worth it. Should Assad go, he should be replaced by some other leader from Assad’s Alawite tribe, with Russian approval.

The globalist tears resulting from that scenario would expose the game to the American public, which would wonder why American forces would still be needed after securing a peace for all parties and ending the war.

Some of this is far-fetched, I admit, but it is not so far out of the realm of possibility. After all we’ve seen similar episodes of Trump-jitsu over the past week. Trump has been accused of flip-flopping for softening his stances on NATO and on China. On the campaign trail, he declared that NATO was obsolete, and accused China of ‘raping’ the United States on trade and vowed to label them a currency manipulator.

On both of those issues, Trump took a more sanguine position over the last week, leading most to declare that Trump was reversing campaign promises. What hasn’t been mentioned was the fact that in the interim, NATO and China have moved heavily in Trump’s direction on a number of issues. Both NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Chinese Premier Xi visited Trump in the US in the past week, held talks and came out the other side essentially singing the Trump tune on certain issues. NATO has agreed with Trump that all NATO countries must pay their fair share and are moving in the right direction in order to make it a reality. Trump also explicitly called for NATO to come to terms with Russia.

As far as China is concerned, for the first time in ages, China has taken concrete steps towards getting the belligerent North Korea under control. If NATO is going to stop cheating the US, forge closer relations with Russia, and if China is going to come to its senses and realize there is more profit in working with the US on trade and bottling up North Korea, there is no reason for Trump to maintain an aggressive stance on either issue.

The same rationale applies to Syria. On the campaign trail, Trump took a very ‘easy’ line with respect to Syria and Assad. As recently as two weeks ago, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson declared that the Syrian people must determine their own future. This drew gasps of horror from the Deep State/Globalist set, ironic given its public-facing rationale for foreign intervention is spreading democracy. Yet, it disapproved of Tillerson’s advocacy for self-determination in Syria, simply because it didn’t like what the outcome would likely be, a continuation of Assad.

Then, the attacks happened, and Trump’s tune abruptly changed. The fireworks display and the subsequent chest puffing of Trump and later Tillerson as he went to Moscow earlier this week is in line with a Trump taking the extreme position in a negotiation. A negotiated peace which begins with a show of force. The Russians don’t want war, Trump doesn’t want war, and the Syrians want their country back. The neocon/globalist set is the only actor which relishes war, and unfortunately it is also probably the most powerful actor. The only play here is to indulge it to a point, and then double cross it later by using that indulgence to put pressure on the Russians and Syrians for a deal. Then wipe out the neocon-backed Jihadi ‘rebels,’ exterminating the neocon foothold in Syria.

As I said earlier, it is the most optimistic angle in this whole Syria saga. It is also the most delicate. Trump has to thread the needle here, and the messy steps taken in this regard are legitimate cause for worry from those who fear globalists have compromised Trump. Reading between the lines, suggests that Trump is still holding true to his campaign rhetoric. If Trump can pull it off, he’ll be well on his way to the greatest foreign policy achievement of the last 30 years.

Competing Conspiracies

With respect to President Donald Trump, the Russian government, and the mainstream media, there are two narratives which have vied for the public’s attention over the past several months. They are as follows:

  1. The Russian government conspired with the Trump campaign in some capacity in order to tilt the election in his favor.
  2. The Obama administration ran surveillance on the Trump campaign, most likely illegally

The former narrative has been advanced by leftists, the neoconservative globalist element of the right, and the mainstream media. The latter narrative was introduced by President Trump himself, seemingly in response to the growing hysteria fomented by that first narrative.

The ultimate origin of Conspiracy #1 is the unconventional views President Trump holds on the topic of Russia. Congressman Dennis Heck referenced this during the much hyped Congressional hearing on Russian intervention in the 2016 election, dutifully playing up the idea that the Trump campaign may have colluded in the scheme:

Republicans who are always so strong against geopolitical foes like Russia, I know my colleagues on this committee take the Russia threat very seriously. Why wouldn’t the people who inhabit the White House? How else can we explain an Administration that beats up our oldest allies, like Australia and Britain, and our strongest and most sacrosanct alliance, like NATO, but never, ever say a bad word about Putin. In fact, they say a lot of good words about Putin.

An administration that we have heard decisively makes up baseless wiretapping charges against a former United States President, equates our intelligence agencies to Nazi Germany, and argues moral equivalents between a repressive, authoritarian states with an abhorrent human rights record like Russia in our free and open democracy. And yet, this Administration never, ever utters any criticism of Russia.

During the presidential election, Trump was one of the few candidates who did not, implicitly or explicitly, advocate for war with Russia. The Republicans, with the notable exception of Rand Paul, opposed Trump on this point, constantly falling over themselves describing how tough they would be on Putin and how badly they wanted to “punch the Russians in the nose,” in the words of John Kasich.

Hillary Clinton also expressed her desire for aggro with the Russians, consistently stating her support for  no-fly zone over Syria, even after it was pointed out by top generals that establishing such a zone would lead to war. Chris Wallace explicitly laid this out to her in the third Presidential debate, all but asking her “do you want war with Russia?” She brushed aside the grave implications and stood by her position.

That Trump stood so steadfastly against Republican and Democratic establishment orthodoxy meant that the media establishment had no choice but to fall in line against Trump. Given that this orthodoxy was, and is an anti-Putin, anti-Russia position, the media had no problems with this course. After all, Putin is a massive check on the globalist, leftist policy prescription for world. Geopolitically he resists NATO, and culturally he has promoted more traditionalist, Christian views within Russia, and has been critical of the West and its relative abandonment of those views.

Prior to the election, the media angst over Trump’s Putin views was limited to just another bad view in a long list of bad views Trump held.  The media and his political opponents were far more interested in exploring the RACIST SEXIST HOMOPHOBE XENOPHOBE line of criticism. To the extent Russians were mentioned before the election, it was to deflect attention away from the substance of the DNC leaks and the Podesta leaks. The fact that the Democrats were exposed as corrupt and duplicitous was supposed to be forgotten, simply because it was allegedly Russians who exposed that truth.

It was only after the election that the view that the Russian government ‘hacked the election’ for the purpose of installing Donald Trump as president took shape and metastasized to the point where a much hyped Congressional hearing on that matter took place this past Monday. Having failed in denying Trump the presidency on the basis of him being a ‘bigot,’ the coalition of leftist, neoconservative globalists and their media mouthpieces moved to paint Trump’s political stance on the subject of Russia and foreign policy as something much more nefarious than just an opposing viewpoint.

Adam Schiff, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee which held the aforementioned hearing on Monday said in his opening remarks that Trump’s continued insistence on NATO countries paying their fair share, as they had already agreed to, was evidence of a quid pro quo, in which the Russian government hacked documents to help Trump in exchange for Trump’s tough talk:

The hacked documents would be in exchange for a Trump administration policy that de-emphasizes Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and instead focuses on criticizing NATO countries for not paying their fair share. Policies which even as recently as the President’s meeting last week with Angela Merkel have now presently come to pass.

Rand Paul, who, as mentioned before, was one of the few Republicans unwilling to sign on to a policy of war with Russia during the campaign, found himself in an explosive tiff with Senator John McCain last week. McCain, the foremost symbol of neoconservative  globalism, wanted to put forth a resolution which would support Montenegro’s entrance into NATO. McCain was asking for a unanimous consent request which would have allowed the measure to go to a full Senate vote, without debate, had it been passed without objection.

In the stunning video below, McCain, knowing that a Paul objection was imminent, moved to declare anyone who would object to be in cahoots with the Russians. Paul remained unnerved, raised his objection and left the room.

McCain then launched into an angry invective against Senator Paul, accusing him of ‘working for Vladamir Putin.’  All because Paul wanted the Senate to have a discussion about the merits of including Montenegro, a poor country which would almost certainly end up being a ward of NATO, into the organization. The only clear ‘merit’ would be that geopolitically, it would annoy the Russians. Thus, the unwillingness of Paul to unnecessarily provoke Russia must mean that he is a Russian agent. Such is the rationale of globalists of every political bent.

Of course, there was the infamous ‘dossier,’ which contained unsubstantiated information collected by a British intelligence agent at the behest of Trump’s political enemies, which alleged that the Russian government had ‘kompromat’ on Trump which was held over his head as blackmail.

Then there was Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who during his confirmation hearings, was asked by Senator Al Franken whether he would have an issue investigating associates of the Trump campaign who had contacted Russian officials in the context of the 2016 election, as had been reported at the time.

Sessions answered that he himself, having been such an associate, did not have any contact with the Russians. It was later unearthed that Sessions had in fact had one meeting with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak in his capacity as a member of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, and an informal meet-and-greet with Kislyak at the Republican National Convention, publicly, in the presence of several other ambassadors.

Indeed, Sessions had had over 25 similar meetings in his Senate office in the same Armed Forces Committee capacity as his meeting with Kislyak, including one with the Ukrainian ambassador the day before. Yet, this seemingly routine meeting was used as evidence to suggest that Sessions had perjured himself during his confirmation hearings, prompting calls for his resignation from the post. The Russian Conspiracy frenzy was at its highest.


Connecting the Dots


It was then that Trump dropped his infamous tweet storm, early on a Saturday Morning:

[Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!]

[Is it legal for a sitting President to be “wire tapping” a race for president prior to an election? Turned down by court earlier. A NEW LOW!]

[I’d bet a good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that President Obama was tapping my phones in October, just prior to Election!]

[How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate.Bad (or sick) guy!]


The conspiracy Trump put forth was largely sourced from the first conspiracy, that his campaign colluded with the Russians. In spinning that narrative, the media continually cited anonymous officials who were essentially leaking classified information. Consider the following news items:

January 19/20, 2017, NYT: Intercepted Russian Communications Part of Inquiry Into Trump Associates. The version of this story that ran in the print version had this headline: Wiretapped Data Used In Inquiry of Trump Aides – Examining Russian Ties:

The F.B.I. is leading the investigations, aided by the National Security Agency, the C.I.A. and the Treasury Department’s financial crimes unit. The investigators have accelerated their efforts in recent weeks but have found no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing, the officials said. One official said intelligence reports based on some of the wiretapped communications had been provided to the White House.

That would be the Obama White House, as all of this took place before Inauguration at noon on January 20.

February 9, 2017, Washington Post: National security adviser Flynn discussed sanctions with Russian ambassador, despite denials, officials say

Pence also made a more sweeping assertion, saying there had been no contact between members of Trump’s team and Russia during the campaign. To suggest otherwise, he said, “is to give credence to some of these bizarre rumors that have swirled around the candidacy.”

Neither of those assertions is consistent with the fuller account of Flynn’s contacts with Kislyak provided by officials who had access to reports from U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies that routinely monitor the communications of Russian diplomats. Nine current and former officials, who were in senior positions at multiple agencies at the time of the calls, spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters.

All of those officials said Flynn’s references to the election-related sanctions were explicit. Two of those officials went further, saying that Flynn urged Russia not to overreact to the penalties being imposed by President Barack Obama, making clear that the two sides would be in position to review the matter after Trump was sworn in as president.

February 14, 2017, NYT: Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence

Phone records and intercepted calls show that members of Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and other Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election, according to four current and former American officials.

American law enforcement and intelligence agencies intercepted the communications around the same time they were discovering evidence that Russia was trying to disrupt the presidential election by hacking into the Democratic National Committee, three of the officials said. The intelligence agencies then sought to learn whether the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russians on the hacking or other efforts to influence the election.


The National Security Agency, which monitors the communications of foreign intelligence services, initially captured the calls between Mr. Trump’s associates and the Russians as part of routine foreign surveillance. After that, the F.B.I. asked the N.S.A. to collect as much information as possible about the Russian operatives on the phone calls, and to search through troves of previous intercepted communications that had not been analyzed.

March 1, 2017, NYT: Obama Administration Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking

American allies, including the British and the Dutch, had provided information describing meetings in European cities between Russian officials — and others close to Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin — and associates of President-elect Trump, according to three former American officials who requested anonymity in discussing classified intelligence.

Separately, American intelligence agencies had intercepted communications of Russian officials, some of them within the Kremlin, discussing contacts with Trump associates.


As Inauguration Day approached, Obama White House officials grew convinced that the intelligence was damning and that they needed to ensure that as many people as possible inside government could see it, even if people without security clearances could not. Some officials began asking specific questions at intelligence briefings, knowing the answers would be archived and could be easily unearthed by investigators — including the Senate Intelligence Committee, which in early January announced an inquiry into Russian efforts to influence the election.

At intelligence agencies, there was a push to process as much raw intelligence as possible into analyses, and to keep the reports at a relatively low classification level to ensure as wide a readership as possible across the government — and, in some cases, among European allies. This allowed the upload of as much intelligence as possible to Intellipedia, a secret wiki used by American analysts to share information.

The mainstream media’s own reporting details a story of intelligence officials speaking under the cloak of anonymity to disclose classified information, or in the case of General Flynn, to disclose the fact that his name had been improperly identified as the American in conversation with Kislyak, given Flynn himself was not under investigation.

The media then went on to report with glee the manner in which the Obama administration sought to widely disseminate this information across the government to ensure that such leaks as we have seen happened.

All of this was done to buttress the Russia/Trump collusion angle with the innuendo provided by those numerous anonymous intelligence officials. The legality of the leaks were hand-waved away by political pundits as merely the sort of thing that happens in every administration, and thus was no big deal.

Trump’s tweets changed all of that. In directly accusing President Obama of tapping his phones, Trump brought the legality of the leaks front and center.

The globalist set, who were quick to exalt the leaks with religious fervor when it came to spinning the Collusion Theory, were all of a sudden on the defensive. They made sure to emphasize the fact that Trump had offered no evidence to back his tweets (despite having no evidence themselves with respect to the Collusion Theory). A clear example of the mental gymnastics invoked to contort oneself from a tricky situation was seen in this piece from Liz Spayd, Public Editor of the New York Times.

In it, she dealt with the obvious discrepancy between the Times explicitly reporting on the existence of “wiretapped communications” and the idea that Trump’s tweets were inaccurate by essentially saying that the Times never wrote that Obama himself directed the wiretapping.

Which brings me to the issue of semantics. The Wall Street Journal editorial board wrote a fiery piece condemning Trump based on his supposed rocky relationship with the Truth. It used as its centerpiece Trump’s claims that Obama had him wiretapped. These claims were officially shot down by FBI director James Comey and NSA chief Mike Rogers during the aforementioned hearing on Monday, giving the media the green light to officially brand Trump a ‘liar.’

This logic ultimately relies on a hyper-literal interpretation of Trump’s tweets. As in President Obama personally ordered some sort of wiretap – as in a physical method from a 1960s spy novel. It is true that no such, literal wiretapping occurred.

However, it is clear – from the media’s own reporting – that the existence of “intercepted communications,” which is the digital age equivalent of wiretapping, was involved, and indeed was instrumental to the narrative building which occurred. Furthermore, these communications were intercepted by various intelligence agencies, which, owing to their being a part of the executive branch, were under the authority of one President Obama.

Said differently, President Obama did not personally direct a fake painting crew to enter Trump Tower one afternoon and bug the place while Donald Trump was out to lunch. What undeniably did happen was that agencies in the Obama administration ran into members of Trump’s team as they were monitoring the communications of foreigners (which might have been legal), and then proceeded to leak some of the details to the media (which definitely is not legal).

Further credence to this point was given on Wednesday by Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. He came forth with the revelation that information he had received indicated that individuals associated with the Trump team had been involved in an “incidental collection,” meaning that those individuals had been subject to surveillance owing to the fact they were on the other end of a call with another individual who was being monitored, as opposed to being monitored party themselves.

The magnitude of this will be more apparent as time goes on.


Delegitimizing 45


No matter how this saga ends up, the intentions of the globalist cohort of establishment Republicans, Democrats and the media is clear – Delegitimize the Trump presidency. One can easily see this in the hypocrisy surrounding Trump’s tweet claims vis-a-vis the assertion that the Russians ‘hacked the election.’

The propensity of the media to talk up Trump’s loose, bombastic, exaggerative manner of speaking, while somewhat accurate, renders its deliberate decision to adhere to the most hyper-literal interpretation of Trump’s tweets to be a bit odd. After all, if all Trump does is speak in exaggerations, then why were those Tweets not treated as simply another exaggeration? Why was the language in those tweets not treated as the colloquialisms they were, but made out to be gravely literal?

These rhetorical questions are relevant given the phrase ‘hacked the election’ was never scrutinized along its literal meaning with the same aggressiveness, despite being equally as colloquial as ‘Obama wiretapped my phones.’ On top of this, the literal meaning (that Russian operatives would have remotely tampered with voting machines to get certain desired outcomes), had been put down by the intelligence community on several occasions, including the Monday hearing in which it was reiterated that not one vote was altered, and that the tallies from November 8 were correct.

Even the colloquial meaning of ‘hacked the election,’ that Russian operatives via their alleged dissemination of DNC and Podesta emails, and the propagation of ‘fake news’ changed the tenor of the election in a way that favored Trump, faces scrutiny.

Stanford University conducted a study into the matter of fake news, and concluded that the phenomenon had a marginal impact at best:

The researchers also noted that, though social media is an important outlet that Americans use to get their news, only 34 percent of those surveyed trust the information they get from social media, while most still depend on television as their main source of information. In comparing the top 690 U.S. news sites with 65 fake news sites, they found that only 10 percent of total site traffic to news sites comes from social media. However, fake news sites predominantly depend on social media for views. Therefore, it is misleading to focus on Facebook metrics in citing fake news as a major issue during the election.

Allcott and Gentzkow concluded, “Our data suggest that social media were not the most important source of election news, and even the most widely circulated fake news stories were seen by only a small fraction of Americans. For fake news to have changed the outcome of the election, a single fake news story would need to have convinced about 0.7 percent of Clinton voters and non-voters who saw it to shift their votes to Trump.” They added, “For fake news to have changed the outcome of the election, a single fake article would need to have had the same persuasive effect as 36 television campaign ads.”

Given the fact that the vast majority of Americans still depend on the television and more conventional sources of news, and given the fact that the vast majority of the coverage therein was negative to Trump, to the tune of 90%, it is more accurate to allege that the leftist mainstream media ‘hacked the election’ with the purpose of electing Hillary Clinton.

The reason for the hypocrisy is that intellectual honesty, journalistic integrity and plain fighting fair is secondary to the aim of delegitimizing President Trump’s administration in the eyes of the American public. Having failed to prevent Trump from winning the presidency, the globalist set has taken to undermine him as a foreign agent. Note the words of Congressman Heck from the Monday Intelligence Hearing:

Let’s be clear though. This is not about party. It’s not about relitigating the election. It’s not as if anything we do here will put a President from a different political party in the Oval Office. So, I hope that it’s clear that it’s about something much more important. And no, it’s not about political motivation, to my friend who said and suggested that earlier, this is about patriotism, about something way more important than party.

The game plan has been, and will continue to be playing politics under the guise of patriotism. Trump’s original sin was disagreeing with the globalists and their visions of war with Russia and continued NATO expansion. For this he is being made out to be a Russian agent, the figurehead of a Red Scare 2.0. Every time Trump orders a salad with Russian dressing, or the leaked workout routine of one of his associates is shown to include Russian Oblique Twists, the media will be there with the knives out.

It’s already begun, with CNN releasing a counter attack to the Nunes news, alleging that Trump associate Roger Stone colluded with Julian Assange of Wikileaks, and perhaps notorious hacker Guccifer 2.0. That assertion is based on various tweets and interviews Stone gave, in which he was essentially cheerleading the imminent release of Clinton information by Assange. The intimation, is that Stone, who publicly declared having spoken to Assange on several occasions, was in on it because he knew Assange was going to leak information.

However, Assange himself publicly declared that he was going to release information months before he did, rendering most of Stone’s alleged inside knowledge of the coming leaks to be nothing more than speculation on what the publicly declared upcoming leaks would be.

It is this sort of reporting, full of innuendo, and the rehashing old narratives, which will wear thin on the American public. Much like the constant charges of racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia which laced the pre-election coverage of Trump, the Russia conspiracy will end up being the post-election version of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

With each passing report propagating the Collusion Theory (and burying deep within them the fact that there is no evidence, in order to retain legitimacy), the public will continues to see the game for what it is – an attempt at the political assassination of President Trump.

The fact of the matter remains, that to this point, the only thing that we know for a fact happened, based on public reporting, is that Trump officials had been the subject of surveillance, and had those communications illegally leaked to the media. Thus, Trump’s ‘Wiretap’ Conspiracy Theory is far closer to being Conspiracy Fact than the Collusion Conspiracy.

And it will remain so. This is a fight the globalists cannot win, and it will only be a matter of time before that is made apparent to the masses.

The Dawn of An Era, Part 3: More Anti-Trump Dissent (Trump Derangement Syndrome)

This is Part 3 of The Dawn of An Era, which is a series about the onset of the Trump presidency. Previous Parts:  Part 1, Part 2

In part 2, I described the underlying source of the vociferous anti-Trump dissent which has only grown louder in the months since the election. Long story short, multiple decades of a shift away from more traditional mores both socially and culturally has left the US and the West in general at the precipice of something potentially serious.

Said differently, the set of individuals who want to party every night because it’s fun outweighed those who understood that we won’t pass the final exam unless we hit the books at some point. Now, the night before the exam, the Study Crew won and is demanding an all-night cram session. The Partiers are upset.

The reaction to President Trump initiating an Executive Order to restrict travel to the United States is the latest example of outsized consternation when it comes to anything Trump does. Via Conservative Treehouse:

If you review the actual text of the executive order (copied below in full) what you will immediately notice is the order doesn’t specify ANY countries to be included in the Visa suspension (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen).

President Trump is not suspending visas from countries his team selected, they are simply suspending visa approval from countries President Obama selected.  Additionally, Trump is suspending ALL visa applications from those countries – nothing to do with Muslim applications.

• In 2013 President Obama suspended refugees from Iraq for six months.  • In 2015 Congress passed, and Obama signed, a law restricting visas from states of concern; • and in 2016 Obama’s DHS, Jeh Johnson, expanded those restrictions.  …. all President Trump is doing is taking the same action as Obama 2013, and applying Visa restrictions to the nation states Obama selected in 2015 and 2016.

From the Executive order:

[…] ” to ensure the proper review and maximum utilization of available resources for the screening of foreign nationals, and to ensure that adequate standards are established to prevent infiltration by foreign terrorists or criminals, pursuant to section 212(f) of the INA, 8 U.S.C. 1182(f), I hereby proclaim that the immigrant and nonimmigrant entry into the United States of aliens from countries referred to in section 217(a)(12) of the INA, 8 U.S.C. 1187(a)(12), would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, and I hereby suspend entry into the United States, as immigrants and nonimmigrants, of such persons for 90 days from the date of this order (excluding those foreign nationals traveling on diplomatic visas, North Atlantic Treaty Organization visas, C-2 visas for travel to the United Nations, and G-1, G-2, G-3, and G-4 visas). ” (link)

U.S.C.1187 Law Link Here

The President Obama  Department of Homeland Security already targeted those seven listed countries for the past several years as nations of concern.

In February of 2016 the Department of Homeland Security announced that was continuing its implementation of the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 with the addition of Libya, Somalia, and Yemen as three countries of additional concern.

These developments led to outrage over the weekend, with protests breaking out in several major airports. The Old Media gave it wall to wall coverage, stressing the size of the crowds (as they are wont to do with anti-Trump protests, versus ignoring the pro-Trump crowd sizes he got campaigning), and inundating the public with the usual tales of innocent families being split up, children crying and so on.


Why this outrage, when similar actions by the Obama administration, let alone the constant, daily bombings of the countries in question by said administration, were met with silence? This video of a protester is instructive:

In case the video is taken down or doesn’t work, it shows an airport protester being interviewed and asked about the similarity between the Obama and Trump actions, and whether the former’s concerned her. Her answer was that it didn’t concern her because… “I love President Obama. I wish he were still here.”

What that shows is that there is a high level logical bankruptcy in today’s political discourse which has been replaced by emotion. In this battle of rhetoric Trump’s opponents are working with a severe disadvantage. As I articulated in Part 2, the leftist position is essentially one seeks the primacy of r-selection, as opposed to K-selection.  The problem for leftists is that humans as a species are K-selected animals; in terms of civilizations, they only can be established and maintained via applying K-selected traits.

Once civilizations are established, and wealth is generated, on then can r’s flourish. r-selected behavior is never the foundation of civilizational success. As such, leftists are always fighting an uphill battle against nature. It is why communists have always had to take over by force, point the guns at the populace and give them a choice: comply or die.

The battle leftists in America are fighting against is essentially one against sustainability. In a very simplistic sense, leftists live by the dictum ‘whatever feels good, is good.’ This governs decision making, and at a political level, can become government policy. The Partiers vs The Studiers conflict thus becomes deficit spending and credit-fuelled consumption versus savings and investment. For decades, the former strategy has won, with the Keynesians and Cultural Marxists supplying the intellectual backing for economic and social profligacy respectively.

This has created an r-selected society which cannot deal well with conflict and emotional pain. The Anonymous Conservative, who I referred to in part 2, has done fantastic work in this area, showing how the amygdala in the brain of leftists may be behind this trouble to deal with emotional pain. This article, courtesy of his blog, goes into detail about the plight of the Millennial generation, in that its upbringing has left it incapable of dealing with the real world:

Leadership consultant Simon Sinek has been told that millennials – people born after 1982 – are ‘entitled, narcissistic, self-interested, unfocused and lazy’ – but he believes it is not their fault.

The author’s response to the ‘millennial question’ on Inside Quest ‘broke the internet’ after he revealed why many young people may display the undesirable qualities listed by their bosses.

He explained millennials grew up in an environment where ‘every child wins a prize’ only to find the ‘real world’ after school is much different.

Where they were told they were special all the time, they were told they could have anything they want in life just because they want it.

Note that the mere broaching of this view was enough to spark enough outrage to ‘break the internet,’ only proving the point of the observer that Millennials are emotionally fragile, unable to cope with the fact that someone may have a differing opinion.

And Donald Trump might as well be an avalanche of real world, realtalking, counterattacking disagreement, descending upon the straw huts that are the Millennial amygdala with Biblical force.

With respect to Trump’s Executive Order, the logic of it is sound, despite the poor implementation of it. And it has already borne fruit, in that Saudi Arabia, which was left off the list of countries impacted, is now willing to negotiate to construct safe zones for refugees, something they had no interest in doing before.

This development would be infinitely better for the potentially millions affected in the region, who can be better housed temporarily in a part of the world which is more familiar to them than having to risk life and limb to trek halfway around the world to Western Europe and the USA, with its vastly different culture, climate and language, for a start.

However, it is Donald Trump who is doing it, so it must be bad. The direct dichotomy established by the airport protester above (Obama = good, Trump = evil, similar to the manner in which conservatives believe leftists are just misguided, while leftists believe conservatives are evil) comes from that base inability to deal with the harsh truths of the real world.

Unfortunately, after multiple decades of cultural Marxist influence, this deficiency has pervaded every strata of our society, from the general population, through to the elites in our media and in government.

A great example of this is seen in the examination of this video of President Clinton, which is now doing the rounds after the Immigration ban chaos:

Here, Clinton, speaking at his 1995 State of the Union address, sounds very Trumpian, yet he is still revered 22 years later, to the extent that he was a selling point for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. Meanwhile Trump is continued to be held out as Literally Hitler. However, if Trump is Hitler, and about to turn the US into Nazi Germany, why are leftists then so keen on importing millions of refugees to be subjected to that horror? Once again, the intellectual deficiency of their position creeps through.


In terms of the leftist opposition, the media and the government will be whom Trump will be fighting the loudest battles with, and the first indications are that he is up to that fight.

With respect to the media, he has been employing the ‘flooding the zone’ strategy since his Inauguration. In the first 10 days of his presidency, Trump has signed 18 executive actions. They have been:

  1. Dismantling Obamacare
  2. A regulatory freeze
  3. Stopping US government funds going to international organizations which fund abortions
  4. Withdrawing from TPP
  5. Federal hiring freeze
  6. Granting Keystone Pipeline
  7. Granting Dakota Access Pipeline
  8. Expediting Environmental Reviews
  9. Using American materials to build the Pipelines
  10. Speeding up Manufacturing Reviews
  11. Targeting Sanctuary Cities
  12. Building The Wall
  13. Rebuilding the military
  14. The Aforementioned ‘Muslim Ban’
  15. Plan to Defeat ISIS
  16. Steve Bannon to NSC
  17. Lobbying restrictions for executive branch officials
  18. Reducing regulations

With the exception of defeating ISIS, ALL of these orders are outrageous to leftists, as they either diminish the structures artificially supporting an r-selected society, or actively promote the establishment of K-selected strategies. Each of these orders on their own are meaty enough to require a minimum of two or three days of solid 95% negative media coverage, yet they have all been dropped on the media in the span of 10 days. Even as I write this, Trump has scheduled his pick to replace Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia for later tonight, moving it up from later in the week, further intensifying the flooding of the zone.

This has led to nothing short of pandemonium amongs the chattering classes. Michael Tracey explores this further:

More than once over the past few days, I have been asked both online and off: “How in the hell am I supposed to keep up with everything that’s going on? How do I, as a non-professional, somewhat casual consumer of news, figure out how to process all this information constantly being thrown at me from every direction, knowing that some of it will be phony hysterics and misdirection, while some of it will also be gravely serious and demand my attention?”

My answer is: I…don’t know. I’m working on it.

Even journalists whose “one job” is to sort the news on any given day are failing immensely at this task — often their “heart is in the right place,” but the task is extremely daunting. For one thing, clearly Trump has calculated that it’s in some sense to his benefit when everyone is completely overwhelmed and suffering from a form of cognitive overload; it allows him to move briskly from issue to issue without staying there for very long — he’s essentially breaking the national attention span by saturating it with information, controversy, hysteria, real problems, fake problems, fights, feuds, tweets, and all the rest. He is keenly aware of how to prod the media into indulging its worst instincts, so a vicious cycle emerges where Trump does something outlandish, and then the media responds by acting outlandishly in its own right.

Tracey, despite subscribing somewhat to the leftist baseline view that Trump is an authoritarian dictator-in-waiting, simply for being in defiance of the r-selected primacy of Cultural Marxism, is one of the few prominent journalists who understands what is going on.

Trump is flooding his opposition with so much outrage-inducing stuff that it cannot focus on one specific thing, deconstruct it, and drive home to the public why it is bad and Trump should be admonished. Instead, the commotion is unfocused and seemingly random, such that from the outside, it looks like a bunch of children whining about everything, making incoherent noise that is probably best ignored.

The problem for the media is that Trump has unlimited ammunition in this war. He has the support of the population, which elected him, and gave him a friendly Congress to work. More importantly, he is immune to the biggest weapon the media has – shame. For decades the media has bullied anyone with a traditionally conservative view of the world into submission, labeling them knuckle-dragging racists, sexists and homophobes.

Trump does not give one scintilla of shit about any such charges leveled at him by the media. In fact, he laughs at them, both on Twitter and in real life. Chuck Schumer found this out when his emotional statement regarding the ‘Muslim ban,’ made while fighting through tears, was met with an inquiry from Trump about which acting coach he used.

In the face of near universal outrage over the immigration actions, including wall to wall crisis coverage on network nightly news this weekend, Trump’s team released a statement calling the immigration order a ‘massive success.’ In short, Trump is a master troll, who is outwitting a millennial class, who having been raised in the internet era should be wise to trolls and should know not to feed them.

But remember, we’re talking about millennials, leftists, and millennial leftists. That cohort, highly subject to emotional incontinence, packs Old Media newsrooms and left leaning upstarts, and thus these organizations can’t help but to play right into Trump’s hands.


The fight with the government should be similarly messy, but President Trump has shown he has the stones for that as well. Part of the reason the Immigration order is down to the fact that Trump is working with a skeleton crew of a cabinet, owing to obstruction from the Democrats in the Senate. This was probably what led to the messy issuance of the immigration order, and the public relations mess that followed.

The order was further challenged by a few judges, leading to a situation which pitted border agents against federal courts. Early this evening, acting Attorney General Sally Yates announced in a statement that she instructed the Department of Justice to not defend Trump’s order. Here is part of her statement:

I am responsible for ensuring that the positions we take in court remain consistent with this institution’s solemn obligation to always seek justice and stand for what is right. At present, I am not convinced that the defense of the executive order is consistent with these responsibilities nor am I convinced that the executive order is lawful.

It is telling that Yates, a holdover from the Obama administration until Senator Jeff Sessions is confirmed, cites the leftist, highly subjective concept of (social) justice and ‘standing for what is right,’ before concerning herself with legality. The construction of that statement speaks to the typical leftist, r-selected desire to place comfort (feel good platitudes) over cold reality (the law).

Trump responded by firing Yates hours later, in a display of business-like ruthlessness. The NYT article on the events of the day quotes Press Secretary Sean Spicer who had this to say regarding government officials who may seek to stand in the way of the Trump Doctrine, amid rumors of a mutiny in the still-Obama dominated State Department:

“These career bureaucrats have a problem with it?” Mr. Spicer said. “They should either get with the program or they can go.”

The defiant combativeness of the Trump administration is unlike anything we have seen in decades, certainly in my less-than-40 years on this earth. To a slothful, emotionally weak, r-selected society such as ours has become, the aggressiveness, speed and calculation with which the Trump administration has acted in just 10 days on the job is potentially fatal.

What is more, given the Trump administration is seeking moves that are towards the K direction, they have with them the Truth, as it were, if indeed buttressing and advancing Western Civilization is the goal. It is no different to the wisdom of preparation and study when one knows the exam is near, and eschewing partying until the job is done.

That orders to further American energy independence, secure a porous border and direct cities to actually follow existing US law can be deemed worthy of such a stern backlash, from the legions of protesters to the obstructionists in the highest ranks of government, only speaks to the level of the rot and the difficulty of the task. Fortunately for Trump, and those who agree with what he stands for, the solution is merely one of will. The weakness of the opposition means that it can be continually disoriented with continued jabs to the emotional midsection.

Trump understands this.  Rather than take it easy with his early moves, Trump has eschewed the idea of ‘political capital,’ understanding that his power rather comes from ‘electorate capital.’ Trump understands that he has tons of it behind him, including among the rank and file in government agencies and the military, as a result of his drive and efficiency in Getting Things Done. He has used this early position of strength to double down, subjecting the opposition to continued horror by turning up the Emotional Pain dial past 11. With every tweet, signature ceremony and TV appearance he is triggering the left, which at some point will go apoplectic as a result, flaming out in a blaze of glory – a phenomenon known as Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The irony of all of this is the ‘tolerance’ which social justice warriors demand others show towards them, but not vice versa, was shown in spades for decades by the K-selected. They stood by as tradition evaporated, along with God, leaving behind a moral wasteland. The K’s tolerated this not because they liked it, but because of their loyalty to the group. As long as the West was chugging along in peace and continued wealth, a few gay night clubs, higher taxes, welfare and abortion clinics were ok. Now that the abundance of the West has deteriorated, and culture has frayed, the excesses have become less tolerable, and it is precisely at this time that the r-selected are demanding more excesses, and more tolerance of deviance. When this has not been granted, the response has been the outbursts we are seeing in the infancy of the Trump era.

Ask any 5 year old how well it has worked to throw a tantrum in public in an attempt to get his or her way. In all of history, the child tantrum-thrower has recorded a very low success rate. This is what is coming to the left if it doesn’t wise up. With every car smashed, with each road blocked, with each Trump supporter knocked cold, with each politician crying on television, the public will grow wearier and wearier of their antics.

This alone will gain Trump more converts, and to the extent his policies work and a saner culture devoid of the degeneracy of a decadent age emerges, the leftist, r-selected position will wither into obscurity as the very nature of social justice warriors will work against them. The same susceptibility to emotional pain, which leads them to seek comfort over anything else will lead them towards Trumpism, as the emotional pain anti-Trump ostracism will engender in the new Trumpmerica will become too great to bear.

One day, we’ll look at the Trump riots and shake our heads in amazement, wondering how anyone could have thought negatively about what he stood for, let alone being angry enough to launch a fierce, mouth-frothing, soft insurrection.

The Dawn of An Era, Part 2: Anti-Trump Dissent

This is Part 2 of The Dawn of An Era, which is a series about the onset of the Trump presidency. You can read part 1 here.

From the first day of President Trump’s campaign on June 16 2015,to his Inauguration on January 20, 2017, there has been vociferous dissent, beyond the standard charges of ‘racism, sexism, homophobia’ that have been applied to any and all Republicans in the past. This dissent was more visceral in nature, and rightly so, as Trump’s candidacy was an existential threat to the elevation of the hyperfocus on identity politics and grievance culture.

Since the election in particular, this dissent has escalated to a fever pitch level, with a desperate anti-Trump cohort seeking to label his presidency as illegitimate. This culminated with the Women’s March which took place the day after the Inauguration.

Before that, there were more ‘intellectual’ appeals to the idea that we, as an American populace, have been had. This piece in the Huffington Post, published days before the Inauguration, sought to advance that angle by proclaiming that Hillary Clinton is the true President of the United States. I’ll deal with that particular piece some other time, but I brought it up to show what passed for ‘reasoned’ arguments against a Trump presidency.

Having been rebuffed in the arena of logic and political discourse, the anti-Trump argument became one of violence and protest. For the purposes of this article, I’ll focus on the legions which descended upon Washington DC with the express purpose of disrupting the Inaugural through violence, and the legions which appeared in Washington DC and in major cities across the globe to protest the Trump presidency, in order to make a more general  point.

So what exactly were the women of the Women’s march marching against? What do they want? This article from Return of Kings, poses that question, in a quite forceful manner:

What more do Anglo women possibly want? They already spend 90% more money than they earn in the economy. They gobble up 66% of public spending from the welfare state while men pay 75% of the taxes to support this gynocentric system. Women hypocritically make up 80% of all spending decisions in the materialistic, extremely wasteful and environmentally destructive economy they later complain about as not being “green” enough.

They then hypocritically say they Don’t Need a Man™ while statistics prove them dead wrong. Without men for the government to rob women would be up the creek without a paddle.

What’s most satisfying about the Daily Mail article was reading the “Best rated” comments below the article. Nobody is buying the propaganda establishment media is crapping out anymore. User Right Auntie wrote:

“I’m not quite sure what they are protesting. Women in America can drive a car, get an education, get a mortgage and purchase a home. They can be doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers. They can be ministers or atheists. They can have children without men. They can speak their minds. I’m positive that they can still do these things now that Trump is president. This just looks like a giant hissy fit because their candidate lost. Being a sore loser is never a good thing.”

Indeed, what are these women protesting? They live such decadent lives they’re literally killing the goose that lays the golden egg as the future belongs to those whose children will be in it, and the men who made their exorbitant, selfish existence possible are either breeding with other ethnic groups or becoming genetic dead ends.

The points brought up here ultimately speak to the base difference between conservative and liberal leaning individuals, which is in the realm of reproductive strategy. I’m, of course, referring to r/K selection theory.

There has been plenty written about the subject, so I won’t dive too deeply into the biology, but only list some basic characteristics of each reproductive strategy.

R-selected traits include the following: low energy required to reproduce, limited competition, limited loyalty to the group, many offspring produced, early sexual maturity, promiscuity, short life expectancy, abundant resources, and low parental investment. K-selected traits include: higher energy required to reproduce, increased competition, high group loyalty, few offspring, later sexual maturity, pair bonding, longer life expectancy, limited resources, and high parental investment.

In recent years, this biological theory has been applied to politics and shed some insights on the right/left divide.  It has also been used more cynically by those on the right to declare moral superiority over those on the left by virtue of their adherence to a more K-selected strategy.

Indeed, humans are clearly a K-selected animal generally speaking, but do exhibit strains of r-selected behavior across its ranks. And here I will make an important point: the question is not the moral superiority of one strategy versus another, but rather the effectiveness of one strategy versus another in the creation, maintenance and advancement of Civilization.


Sir John Glubb came to the conclusion in his famous work, The Fate of Empires that the life cycle of empires throughout history is as follows:

The Age of Pioneers (outburst)

The Age of Conquests

The Age of Commerce

The Age of Affluence

The Age of Intellect

The Age of Decadence

The limited resource environment facing pioneers and those who would conquer leads to a more K-selected existence, along the lines of what we would term as more traditional values. Then, as such a society continues to expand, and produce more and more wealth through the ages of commerce and affluence, this later environment of abundant resources leads to a more r-selected, more decadent lifestyle.

The catalyst for this transition is seemingly the age of Intellect, which according to Glubb, ends up biting off more than it could chew with respect to Civilization building:

Perhaps the most dangerous by-product of the Age of Intellect is the unconscious growth of the idea that the human brain can solve the problems of the world. Even on the low level of practical affairs this is patently untrue. Any small human activity, the local bowls club or the ladies’ luncheon club, requires for its survival a measure of self-sacrifice and service on the part of the members. In a wider national sphere, the survival of the nation depends basically on the loyalty and self-sacrifice of the citizens. The impression that the situation can be saved by mental cleverness, without unselfishness or human self-dedication, can only lead to collapse.

With respect to the current American Empire, this Age of Intellect by-product clearly manifested itself in the work of the Cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School. In promoting an ‘anything goes’ way of life, they came in direct opposition to the traditional values based upon self-sacrifice and discipline which came before it.

Consider the following passage from Herbert Marcuse, a leading intellect of the time, taken from his 1955 book Eros & Civilization:

Reason is the rationality of the performance principle. Even at the beginning of Western civilization, long before this principle was institutionalized, reason was defined as an instrument of constraint, of instinctual suppression; the domain of the instincts, sensuousness, was considered as eternally hostile and detrimental to reason. The categories in which philosophy has comprehended the human existence have retained the connection between reason and suppression: whatever belongs to the sphere of sensuousness, pleasure, impulse has the connotation of being antagonistic to reason—something that has to be subjugated, constrained.

The ‘performance principle’ was Marcuse’s description of the phenomenon by which human beings restrain their rather primitive, libidinous, pleasure-seeking energies and direct them towards productive effort beyond that necessary to sustain.

Marcuse’s main point was that if man could unchain that pleasure-seeking energy – Eros – from its shackles once sustenance was achieved, he would be better off eschewing the production of ‘surplus value’ so as to be able to experience more of the pleasure principle. The obvious flaw here is that virtually all of civilization as we know it is the direct result from this ‘surplus value.’

That is, if man had never worked beyond the point where he was fed and sheltered, man would still be living in caves. The wheel, spear, sword, ship, steam engine, light bulb, and semi -conductor are wholly unnecessary from the standpoint of man finding food to eat, water to drink and shelter to take refuge in. It is precisely because primitive man did not heed Marcuse’s ‘wisdom’ that enabled him to produce the very comforts of a modern Western world that Marcuse enjoyed when he wrote, comforts which cannot be maintained if his dictum were followed. When put this way, that Marcuse and those of his ilk are considered to be at or near the pinnacle of intellectual thought, when their advocacy essentially amounts to man being governed by his most base impulses, is absurd.

It is this conundrum which is the logical albatross weighing down the push for Cultural Marxism, and its attendant r-strategy lifestyle onto the forefront of society. The Woman’s March on the day after the Inaugural was at its core a representation of that drive.

The feminism underpinning the march, itself an element of cultural Marxism, is largely based on the idea that women and men are exactly the same, such that women and men are not bound by biology to be disposed to certain life tracks. In terms of sex and reproduction, things like The Pill, antibiotics, the ubiquity of contraception and easy access to abortion and divorce of modern times has created a sexual environment that allows men and women to essentially artificially avoid the consequences of their actions, seemingly paving the way for a Marcusian liberation and embrace of Eros.

In prior generations, this was not as true. Promiscuous women placed themselves at risk every time they engaged in a sexual encounter. At the very least, their promiscuity would see them shunned by the community. Beyond that, they could easily contract diseases or become pregnant, with little recourse, being forced to have a child on her own, with little support from the government and society. She would be a pariah.

The mere fear of being looked down upon in the group was enough to incentive behaviors that were more conducive to the ultimate success of the group, like stable marriage.

These days, thanks to the aforementioned advancements in birth control, there is a far greater reduction to the ‘penalties’ that were once meted out in prior generations. We are at point now where women are actively encouraged to be ‘independent,’ promiscuous during their child bearing years, while they pursue hot-shot careers in the same manner as men do.


The recent passing of Mary Tyler Moore is timely in this regard, as her show was the first major American sitcom to advance these themes. Despite the apparent dysfunction built into the ‘independent woman’ trope, it was ultimately glamorized and thus became a template for millions of women to follow. The approval of the lifestyle it was advocating is signaled in its opening title, with the cheerful jingle ending with the infamous line ‘you’re going to make it after all!’

Cloris Leachman (left), Mary Tyler Moore (centre), Valerie Harper pose, sitting on stools, wearing Seveties fashions, in a publicity portrait issued for the US television series, ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’, USA, circa 1974. The sitcom starred Leachman as ‘Phyllis Lindstrom’, Tyler Moore as ‘Mary Richards’, and Harper as ‘Rhoda Morgenstern’. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

Moore was the spiritual godmother of the legion of modern women who today cramp into urban apartments, seeking high flying careers, and streamline their promiscuity with dating apps. However, as sanitized as the Mary Tyler Moore Show looked, there was an ugliness lurking under the surface. Moore very much lived her life in the vein of her on screen self. She got married, had a child and then divorced, just prior to her career really taking off.

Moore admits to putting more effort into her work than her child:

“During the first year of ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show,’ as thrilled and bursting with excitement over my work as I was, I was equally without emotion at home,” she wrote of her divorce in 1961 from Meeker. “There is no question about it. By the time Richie was 5, I had already let him down. When he needed me the most, I was busier and even more self-concerned than I had been when he was an impressionable infant.”

Moore’s decision to spend her energies on her work had detrimental results on her family. She had remarried, and introduced her son to the stepdad life, another quirk of the decadence spawned from the age of intellect.

Her son did not take well to all of this, and as a result grew distant from his mother. Moore turned to alcohol and became an alcoholic. On some level perhaps, she understood the horrendous decisions she had made in abdicating her main duty as mother to pursue her career, and attempted to self-medicate via the bottle. Her son, devoid of the nurturing that mothers provide, turned to drink and drugs and ended up dying via a gun in dubious circumstances.

I do not judge Moore, but her experience is instructive. She lived her life in a very r-selected manner, particularly with respect to her son. In this regard, one of the main ideals of feminism – that a woman can have it all, both high powered career and loving family – is shattered. A woman who is putting in the 14-18 hour days which are necessary to be a force in any industry by default cannot devote that time to her children in the manner they need, in particular when they are very young.

As I mentioned earlier, humans are K-selected animals, which take a long time to develop. Humans are born well before they are fully developed, unable to walk or talk for about a year out of the womb. It is not until the mid 20s that a human is fully developed mentally and physically. This represents an enormous parental investment in order to see a child to proper maturity, along with an enormous investment of the group to ensure a wider stability for those mature children to eventually contribute to.

This stark reality is why societies behaving under traditional mores demanded that a woman seek stability from her male partner before it ever got to the level of pregnancy. They understood, in particular during times in which abortions, and contraception were much less of an option, that a pregnancy itself was an acceptance of a multi-decade burden, the willingness to undertake that enormous parental investment.

In other words, this is self-sacrifice Glubb referred to as being subject to eradication as a by-product of the Intellectual age. Moore’s story is an example. Having had her child, in a traditional world she would have sacrificed her career to give her son the proper attention he needed. Applying a bit of Marcuse, in the context of motherhood, this would mean suffering the ‘surplus value’ of doing anything beyond waking up in the morning, feeding your child and then tucking him or her to bed at night. It would mean restraining her desire to experience the ‘Eros’ of a high powered career.

Infamous 1983 cover story which covered the trend that shows like the Mary Tyler Moore show helped to kick off

Feminists (and thus cultural Marxists) abhor the thought of self-sacrifice in this manner, which they consider ‘oppression,’ and thus look fondly onto Moore since she chose to experience the ‘Eros’ of being a high flying actress. A small irony is that in eschewing the self-sacrifice needed to raise her son properly Moore ended up sacrificed her son instead, to show the world through her TV exactly how to do the same. For this, she was rewarded by society with fame and fortune, where in prior generations she’d have been ridiculed.

This r-selected, Eros-seeking pathway was meant to ‘liberate’ man (in this case women), but it succumbs to Marcusian logic trap. If all women take the Moore route in life, a high percentage of children would end up on the path of her son – a drug addled alcoholic who died an early death. A generation of such individuals would not be long for the maintenance of, let alone the furtherance of the society it inherited. Hence, collapse, as per Glubb.


For America and the West generally, its status circa the 1960s as a wealthy civilization with vast resources (which were accumulated during K-centric generations from the time of Industrialization), introduced the conditions in which the r-selected lifestyle could flourish. The intellectual age, and the influence of the cultural Marxists gave the green light, and behavioral values changed. The shift towards r-selected traits such as nihilism and short term thinking, the embrace of the promiscuous lifestyle and all it entails, has generally been considered to be a good thing.

And indeed, the feminism Moore helped to glamorize has taken hold over the last few decades. We are starting now to see the results of the deterioration of traditional norms in the shape of more broken families, a rise in single motherhood and attendant poverty levels. This has put large swaths of American children on a path to failure before they reach their teenage years.

As I mentioned in part 1, the fate of our younger generations has involved the succumbing to drugs, pornography, excessive video game playing, with millions of men checking out of society both romantically and vocationally. This mirrors the downfall of Moore’s son and points to the results of the r-selected trait of low parental involvement. Society-wide, our crumbling infrastructure, failing schools and hollowed out factories point to the same kind of low investment in the future.

Where vice and an overindulgence in entertainment have eased the pains on the micro level, on the macro level our societal debt binge to the tune of trillions, which enabled us to import tons of foreign goods has afforded us the illusion of stability thanks to that abundance of goods. The problem is that it can’t last and isn’t sustainable. Enter Trump.

For the purposes of this discussion, Trump is an enigma, an example of the duality of the r/K strategies in one man. He is a man who on one hand who has been divorced twice, enjoying extensive, well documented stints as a playboy. In contrast to this highly r streak stands his status as a patriarch, with his 5 children and 8 grandchildren existing in a tightly knit, well-structured family setting which is the manifestation of K.

You can see some of this in this excerpt from an interview he did with Playboy in 2004. In talking about his playboy years, he has the following to say:

What was your wildest memory from those days?

You saw things at Studio 54 that you had never seen before. You would see not one superstar but 30 of them, and you’d suddenly realize how many so-called superstars there are. Or you’d see the top models in the world getting screwed on tables in the middle of the dance floor. You would see things you just don’t see today primarily because of AIDS and other diseases. But it was incredible. You’d see the most beautiful women in the world, the most beautiful people in the world. Then, an hour later, you’d see them making love right in front of you. And I’m there saying, “Excuse me?”

And what were you up to?

I was there having a good time. You don’t need drugs and alcohol to have a good time. You can get high on life. That’s what I do.

Were you dating a million models at the time?

A million. I was dating lots and lots of women. I just had a great time. They were great years, but that was pre-AIDS, and you could do things in those days that today you’re at risk doing. AIDS has changed a lot.

Was there a time when you worried about AIDS because of all you’d done?

There was, but I got tested. I think it’s hard for young kids today. It’s a whole different thing. I tell my sons just to get a nice girlfriend and be happy, because it’s dangerous out there. It’s Vietnam. I guess now we can say it’s Iraq—same deal, right?

Even there, he partook in the general r-infused degeneracy of 1970s NYC nightlife, while abstaining from drugs and alcohol. He dated tons of women, but advised his sons to opt for a more K-strategy of pair bonding.

One of the few things the media universally praised Trump for during the campaign were his children, who all were lauded as fantastic, down to earth people, despite being raised with tremendous wealth.

Many rightly saw it as a testament to Trump as a man that he could raise such good kids when it is very easy for the children of the rich to go off the rails, owing to their relatively unlimited abundance killing off any work ethic. In other words, the way Trump raised his children, in a manner heavily infused by K – no drugs, no alcohol and a predilection for pair boding – suggests that he ultimately understands the superiority of K as the stability-achieving strategy.

With Trump’s calling for America First, the lamentation of the destruction of the American spirit and eschewal of feel good concepts such as political correctness, Trump is seeking to reproduce that on a national scale, injecting America with a high dose of K.

In this respect, the contrast between Trump and Hillary Clinton was even clearer, given the appeal of the latter to the ‘independent,’ high flying power woman trope that shows such as the Mary Tyler Moore show popularized.

Trump’s victory on election night was a victory for K. In a society which had come to pedestalize the r-strategy, this presented a big conflict, which the riots and protests sought to address. On the surface it would seem the r-strategy, and its penchant for ‘anything goes’ and the ‘live and let live’ approach to the world should not lash out in the emotional manner in which it has. After all, K-strategies are merely a different way of doing things, and thus should be permissible in a truly liberal world.

The problem for the r is that the K strategy, and its focus on self-sacrifice, discipline and restraint necessarily inhibits the r strategy of promoting Eros. The government sanction and funding of abortion, and to a larger degree single motherhood, for example, was a prime theme of the Women’s March. Should the K strategy Trump favors return, the cost of the promiscuous, divorce on-demand lifestyle espoused by the r strategy would fall once again on those who engage in that lifestyle. People would then be forced to choose between restraint and accepting possible negative consequences for profligacy, a scenario which r’s find to be unacceptable.

Hence, the change to K is thus an existential threat to the r strategy, and this explains the violent backlash. Yet when you examine the dynamics involved, you begin to see even more clearly the foolishness of trying to adopt the r-strategy, the virulent ‘WE HATE PATRIARCHY’ strain in particular, as the basis for a stable society.

It is the K strategy and its much maligned ‘Patriarchy’ which is responsible for the high level of organization that enables the existence of the major cities in which the riots were held. It is responsible for the many modes of advanced communication which made the planning of such marches possible. It is responsible for the invention, and proliferation of mass transportation, whether that be train, rail or auto, which got these protesters to their destinations.

It is responsible for the fact that the protesters were able to march in peace, without fear for their physical safety. In this regard they were protected on multiple levels.  On the ideological level, the establishment of a relatively free society came with it the idea that all voices, even ones of unpopular dissent, have a right to make their case known and to be heard. On a physical level, the loyalty to group, a K strategy, underpins the actions of the police force protecting the physical persons of those expressing an American right from those who would disrupt them.  Finally, that K-selected Patriarchy, in the shape of the majority male sanitation workers of major cities, is what is responsible for restoring cleanliness to the city after being trashed by protesters and rioters.

As if this hypocrisy wasn’t enough, what of the protesters and rioters themselves? This was the same lot who labeled President Trump as a fascist constantly from the moment he initiated his campaign, yet responded to a fairly contested election with violence, property destruction and harassment of those who were only ‘guilty’ of supporting a different candidate.

Random limo burned in protest of Trump’s election

Activists race after being hit by a stun grenade while protesting against U.S. President-elect Donald Trump on the sidelines of the inauguration in Washington, U.S., January 20, 2017. REUTERS/Adrees Latif

All one has to do is to type ‘Trump supporters attacked’ into the search bar on YouTube to find thousands of videos from before, and after the election. This footage, in particular of a child partaking in Inauguration day rioting speaks volumes with respect to the r-strategy dynamic:

The fact that his parents either condoned him being there, or were so out of touch that they had no clue that their child was swept up in that scene, is irrelevant. Either way it smacks of the low parental investment, rapid maturity of the r-strategy. That kid should be at home playing computer games, and generally acting like a kid, as opposed to being used as a prop by his parents for their political activism.

In the Women’s March, similar vulgarity was abounding, particularly from the celebrities on show. Ashley Judd and Madonna, both living out the r-strategy to the max, took to the stage to extol the virtues of their ‘nastiness’ to the world.

This is the same crowd that stood aghast at some of Donald Trump’s more ‘colorful’ comments during the campaign, on the basis that ‘children were watching.’ This was the idea behind one of Hillary Clinton’s more effective campaign ads. Yet this crowd had no qualms with being colorful themselves in front of those same children, and the following video highlights that hypocrisy.


This outsized response to an emotional slight is characteristic of the r-strategy. It is a particularly amazing hypocrisy for marchers and rioters who have the disposable income to spend hundreds on a whim to fly Washington DC, dressed in $200 coats, $100 sneakers, brandishing $700 iPhones and drinking $5 cups of coffee, all to either aimlessly walk around for a few hours in 40 degree weather with zero concern for their physical safety, or to break the windows of the very Starbucks cafes which are representative of the K-derived abundance which enables them to live out their r-selected predilections with little disturbance…turn around and complain of oppression.

A demonstrator smashes a Starbucks window in Washington DC

Furthermore, they, at least some of them are pushing to uphold and advance the acceptance of one such predilection, abortion, when the act is in most cases an abdication of responsibility for one’s actions, and beyond this represents the literal extinguishing of the future. And with that, the hopes for the advancement of the same civilization which afforded them the freedom and abundance to make such a weighty decision in comfort, departs. For the r-selected nihilists who have become far too common in our age, this isn’t a problem. For those who wish to see future generations truly enjoy in the spoils that we have enjoyed, it is a problem.

I’ll stress it one more time: this is not a moral dilemma as much as it is a logical one. As humans, K’s and r’s exist across populations, within them, and even within individuals. However true that may be, humans are a K species foremost, and thus the r-strategy is a secondary feature at best.

In terms of politics, it means that r-leftism is constantly fighting an uphill battle against its K-nature. It can be seen in the economics of the left, which require constant expansion of debt and credit to maintain the abundance it promises to its adherents. Given that debt cannot be undertaken indefinitely there will always be a painful day of reckoning.

It can be seen socially, as adherence to hyperleftist views have to be buttressed with drugs, porn, endless entertainment, psychiatry, prescription medicine and more to ease the pain. Ultimately, as Glubb shows, it is the K strategy which is what forms the foundation of any organized civilization, and r-strategies which signal its collapse.

This election was largely about the realization among a sizable portion of the electorate, perhaps subconsciously, that there is a K way to do things, and an r way to do things. Those that understood this also had to understand that the adoption of cultural Marxism and much of the ideology of New Left brings with it the seeds of collapse, while to the extent that we still had a comfortable society was down to the prior successes of a more traditional society.

The attempt to revert to such a traditional society from one that has been living the opposite way for such a long time will not come without friction. This dissent is embodied by the frantic explanations devoid of logic, and the riots protests of pure emotional angst. The dissent will pass with the return of true abundance, as the fundamental realities and success of the K Way take hold once again.