The Death of the Boy Scouts

In The Death of The WestPat Buchanan spends a considerable time discussing the plight of the Boy Scouts in the context of the culture war. To quote, at length:

That this culture war is thus a religious war may be seen in the latest skirmish—the Battle of the Boy Scouts. By the 1911 Scout handbook, “No boy can grow into the best kind of citizen without recognizing an obligation to God.”84 “On my honor I will do my duty to God and my country,” reads the Boy Scout Promise.85 “Homosexual conduct is inconsistent with the requirements in the Scout Oath that a Scout be ‘morally straight,’ ” reads the Scouts’s official position.86


Since its founding, the Boy Scouts of America has held faithfully to these principles. But while the Scouts have remained true to their beliefs, fashionable opinion has done a somersault. What was morally upright in 1980 is intolerable bigotry in 2001. To the New York Times, the Boy Scouts of today are “something akin to a hate group.”87 And either the Scouts will conform to the altered moral code of the cultural revolution, or they will be ostracized, defunded, and destroyed.


The revolution simply cannot coexist with a Boy Scout organization that is huge, respected, and beloved, but shapes the souls of boys in ways it finds abhorrent. Thus a nonnegotiable demand is on the table: the Boy Scouts may retain their respected position in society only if they cut out certain core beliefs and substitute the opposite beliefs. Specifically, atheists and homosexuals must be allowed to become Scouts and Scoutmasters.


“Make him an offer he can’t refuse,” said Don Corleone. The revolution is making the Boy Scouts an offer it can’t refuse: yield, change your beliefs, or we destroy you.


Given what has happened to the Catholic Church, where a screening process failed to weed out potential pedophile priests, resulting in tragedies for altar boys and scandals for the church, the policy of not permitting homosexuals to take Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts camping would seem simple common sense. But ideology has crippled commonsense. The ACLU today defends both the right of homosexuals to lead Scout troops and the right of the North American Man-Boy Love Association to publish manuals on how to pick up kids and evade the cops—i.e., a how-to manual to help pedophiles get away with statutory rape. The plaintiffs in the case against NAMBLA are the parent sof a ten-year-old boy who was raped and murdered by a NAMBLA member.88

Where does the Battle of the Boy Scouts stand?


Dismissing the Scouts’s claim that they are a private organization and thus exempt from state anti discrimination laws, New Jersey’s Supreme Court ordered the Scouts to admit homosexuals in the name of a higher goal: “eradicating the ‘cancer of discrimination.’ “89 Thus,the court equated the Scout creed and Christian doctrine that homosexuality is “not morally straight” with a “cancer” on American society.


In a five-to-four decision, the U.S. Supreme Court spared the Scouts from having to decide whether to be true to their God-centered beliefs or to be broken by state power. But the Scouts’s courage cost them one million dollars in funding. In New York, California, Massachusetts, and Minnesota, school boards have cut ties and denied the Scouts access to school facilities. Local governments in Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale have denounced them. Thirty-two United Way chapters have severed connections.


Levi Strauss, Wells Fargo, and Textron have ended support. The Union of American Hebrew Congregations sent a memo to its affiliates urging a cutting of ties.Film director Steven Spielberg resigned from the BSA advisory board with a statement reading: “The last few years in scouting have deeply saddened me to see the Boy Scouts of America actively and publicly participating in discrimination. It’s a real shame.”90 When Eagle Scouts participated in opening ceremonies at the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles, delegates booed them. Wrote reporter Valerie Richardson:


“Under normal circumstances, jeering at children is the sort of behavior that might get a delegate sanctioned, if not booted from the convention altogether. But anyone who expected the Democratic leadership to scold the Boy Scouts of America bashers is attending the wrong convention.


Support for homosexual rights has become an integral part of the Democratic orthodoxy, as unassailable as the party’s pro-choice or civil rights planks.”91


In April 2001, the cultural revolution rolled out its siege gun,CBS’s Sixty Minutes, and, in what columnist Nat Hentoff called an”attack” and “prejudicial reporting,” blasted the Scouts for bigotry. 92 Hentoff, for the defense, quoted Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America: “The right of association is as inalienable as individual lib-erty.”93


But such rights are early casualties in a cultural war in which there will be no truce. Traditionalists can run, but they can’t hide. With our public schools and public square de-Christianized, our private schools and private institutions are next. Through the hook of public money, all will be made godless, all forced to conform to the catechism of a revolution that declares infallibly, “All lifestyles are equal.” Who says otherwise—let him be anathema.

Since Buchanan wrote that, back in 2001, the Boy Scouts have been further decimated by the cultural Marxist juggernaut. In 2015, it officially removed its ban on homosexual scout leaders. Then, in 2017, it opened its doors to transgender kids. Then, earlier this year it announced it would drop the ‘Boy’ from ‘Boy Scouts’ in a bid to be more inclusive by allowing girls into the program.

The Mormons finally had enough of it all and cut ties with the Boy Scouts shortly after the most recent erosion of the Boy Scouts, rightly understanding that it had moved far, far away from its original goals of helping to forge young boys into men of a high moral character and sense of duty to God and country.

This brings  us to the most recent situation befalling the Boy Scouts – its impending bankruptcy. From NBC:

The Boy Scouts of America is considering filing for bankruptcy in part because insurance companies are balking at paying settlements to almost a dozen men who claim they were sexually abused as boys by a notorious scoutmaster.


Since August, the venerable organization has been battling insurers INA, which is now part of Chubb, and National Surety, which is an Allianz company, and the Hartford Accident and Indemnity Co., court records show.

“We remain in disputes with some carriers and look forward to a resolution that benefits victims and helps them on their journey towards healing,” BSA spokeswoman Effie Delimarkos said in a statement to NBC News.

The BSA said filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy is only one option under consideration as it responds to growing legal costs and other financial pressures.

As Buchanan writes, the Boy Scouts were marked for destruction by the Social Justice Mob owing to its adherence to Christian values over the years. It was made an offer it couldn’t refuse – secularize or get run over.  The Scouts did so in piecemeal fashion over the last 15 years or so – and despite their acquiescence it still wasn’t good enough for some. And yet, because of that acquiescence it eventually lost one  of its biggest, most staid backers in the Mormon church. And still, some find them not to be inclusive enough to this day. By trying to pleasing everyone it pleased no-one, and it now stands on the brink of bankruptcy.

The irony is that it is homosexuality and its attendant immorality – the precise thing the Scouts had stood against for so long – that may bring it down from within. The law suits troubling the Scouts’ finances were about  incidents that took place in the 1970s and 1980s, well before the cultural Marxist lens was truly focused on the Boy Scouts. However that only fortifies the original stance against homosexual scout leaders. In addition, had the scouts stood pat in the culture war, and refrained from the secularism – in other words had it kept its own Scouts’ honor – it may well have had the continued backing of groups such as the Mormons and others, leaving it better equipped to handle the tribulations it undoubtedly deserves for the abuse which occurred on its watch.

As Buchanan wrote, there will be no truce. Thus giving even an inch should be out of the question.