Quick Hits & Dangerous Reads (15 December 2018)

Politics & Economics

Jeff Carlson at The Markets Work goes into some detail explaining how Michael Flynn was set up by the FBI, and posits a very interesting explanation as to why Flynn may have intended to lie. Long story short, he may have been speaking about classified information with people who shouldn’t have been privy to that information. The whole article is must read.

A Texas judge has ruled that Obamacare is unconstitutional structurally, but for the enforcement of the individual mandate. (Full pdf)

Why are the Western media and the US intelligence all of a sudden set against Saudi Arabia (really MBS)? It’s a complicated situation, but it is clear that MBS is not playing ball with the likes of the CIA & US State Department. So it has sicced its media dogs on him in the wake of the death of a Saudi national in a Turkish consulate who wrote a few articles for the Washington Post.

This also explains why the US Sentate has voted to end its support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen. The Senate hasn’t come to its senses with respect to not being involved with foreign wars, but rather this is about politics.

The housing carnage is starting to hit some of the bigger markets. This Bloomberg article outlines what is beginning to happen in New York and New Jersey.


Millennial Woes is back with is annual deluge of interviews with various dissident figures, which he calls Millenniyule. It is always a great chance to catch some of your favorite commentators in a different setting, as well as the discovery of people you had not known about before.

Speaking of YouTube, the platform released its review of 2018 video, and it received quite the response. The video was exactly what you would expect from a corporate behemoth – a celebrity who is there for no reason, the pandering to “oppressed groups,” very little actual 2018 review, no PewdiePie. Totally soulless and banal. The response to it says it all – in less than a week it became the most disliked video in the history of YouTube, surpassing a Justin Beiber video which had 8 years to accumulate dislikes. Impressive.

The French Yellow Vest protests persist for a 5th weekend.

Adam Piggot opines on the failure of men to keep the  lid on the “moms” who are now leading the US and UK.

Captain Capitalism reviews Roosh V’s latest book Gamecalling it the most pro-female book ever written.

Listening Material

Speaking of Roosh, he put forth a monster 4 hour stream last weekend which is worth listening to in full:

The Bold and Determined Podcast, which is quickly becoming one of the best podcasts out there. Check out the his last 3 episodes (here, here, here)

The Z Man’s latest effort covers some miscellaneous topics, but is high quality as usual

Fun & Games

Down under there is a gripping series of test cricket brewing between Australia and India, with the Indians having won the first test, and the second starting off in a back-and-forth manner reminiscent of the first test.

NFL Bets:

Bengals -3
Packers +5
Titans/Giants Over 43.5

That’s your lot, until next time.