European Disillusionment

I ended my last piece on MAGA disillusionment on a rather worrying note. I suggested that should President Trump continue to be thwarted by the various unelected forces arrayed against him, it could set the table for chaos given that the electorate would finally understand that nothing can be changed via the democratic process. More drastic action would be required.

A quick glance across the Atlantic Ocean could give some insight as to what that next step might look like. Across the great European capitals, there is growing unrest among the public. The details might vary, but there is one underlying cause – the combination of neoliberal economics, and Cultural Marxism is wearing thin.

In the United Kingdom, the powers that be are doing their level best to thwart the will of the people, which voted in a referendum to exit the European Union in June of 2016, Brexit. In the subsequent two and a half years there has been much hemming and hawing from those who would be in charge of negotiating the transition. Prime Minister Theresa May, like many establishment figures, has no interest in bringing forth the real change that was demanded by the public.

Instead, she has put forth a fake Brexit deal that would essentially keep the United Kingdom beholden to EU rules, while only nominally removing the UK. It is actually worse than remaining in the EU given that the UK would effectively lose its voice in EU governance, while still having to abide by what it legislates.

As a result, she has faced protests in the street, as well as a vote of no confidence, which she survived.

In France, the Gilet Jaunes, or Yellow Vest protests have been the talk of much of the world over the last month. The mainstream media attempted to sell the story that its genesis was the levying of new fuel taxes, but this narrative was quickly struck down. The truth is that the average Frenchman has been getting sick to the back teeth of the economic insecurity decades of globalism has brought him. Much like in the American Midwest, the French countryside has seen a loss of industry, jobs and community over the last few decades. Wages have not grown, yet the burdens placed on them have.

One of the less widely reported aspects of the Gilet Jaunes movement has revolved around immigration. Indeed, one of the larger banners at the Saturday iteraton of the protest read “Marrakech, c’est non!” – No To Marrakech. This is in reference to the UN meeting of this past week which sought to put a “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration” into motion. This compact would be non-binding, however it would open up governments to ignore local laws and customs by merely declaring they are acting in line with the UN.

Several countries, led by the United States have refused to sign onto the pact. But its existence highlights the direction global elites plan to take the world – even in the face of opposition from the average individual. A Pew Research poll of 10 European countries found that a median of only 10% of the population in each country was in favor of more immigration into their country. Only Spain had a percentage higher than 20%, coming in at 28%. In Germany, there has been somewhat of a stampede to obtain firearm licenses, in direct response to the influx of migrants into the country over the last few years. Just yesterday, there was another terror attack in France, featuring a man yelling “Allahu Ackbar” before shooting up a Christmas market.

Yet the leaders of Western Europe, with few exceptions, seem nonplussed. Emmanuel Macron gave a bland address from the presidential palace on Monday, with the contrast of his decadent office and the grit of the gilet jaunes in the street not lost on many. His approval rating, which is below 20%, leaves him in a precarious position. Theresa May, seemingly buoyant after surviving her no confidence vote, returns to her pursuit of selling out the people of the United Kingdom, packaged in empty platitudes and rhetoric. Angela Merkel, having committed to stepping down from the chancellorship in 2021 seemingly faces a two year period as a lame duck, as the migration issues she brought forth continue to percolate.

All of this is to say that the Europeans are seemingly taking the task of dethroning a Globalist establishment which is well out of touch with ordinary citizens to another level. Indeed, the Italians have put forth a government which might be split in terms of its approach to economic policy, is aligned in its approach to wanting an Italy for Italians. There are growing numbers across the other major nations on the continent who feel the same way, and more importantly,  are organizing in the effort to demand acknowledgement by the establishment.