Quick Hits & Dangerous Reads (2 November 2018)

Politics & Economics

With the Midterms upon us, how much of an issue is voter fraud? Jeff Carlson at The Markets Work takes a look

Speaking of untoward behavior,  Project Veritas dropped a few bombs this week. First, Robert O’Rourke’s campaign has seemingly been assisting members of the caravan in their quest to enter the US, using campaign funds. Then, there was this undercover footage taken from Andrew Gillum’s campaign in his bid for the governorship of Florida

From the Washington Examiner, three things Democrats will do if they win the house. Related: Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff are rarin’ to go if Democrats win the House. These read as either a nightmare scenario, or Christmas come early, depending on who you are.

My personal prediction? Republicans gain a minimum of 4/5 Senate seats and lose about 10 to 30 in the House. No Blue Wave

From Conservative Treehouse, Influence in Action: Croatia Will Not Sign U.N. Migration Agreement – Brazil Will Move Embassy to Jerusalem…

Speaking of Brazil, the country elected Jair Bolsonaro into office last Sunday. Cue a torrent of wails from the left. What’s interesting is that these sorts are the most virulent Democracy supporters, yet they cry bloody murder at a Brazil democratically electing a president. And it was super duper democratic too, with 70%+ turnout, much higher than is seen in most Western elections.

The October Employment report is out, and it will be interpreted as a very strong one. This means that the Federal Reserve will likely continue its rate hiking.

From Bloomberg, a story about “smart money” beginning to pile into ETF short positions to gain some exposure to the potential of massive corrections in the leveraged loans space

Related: the Howard Marks note cited in the Bloomberg piece is must read.


Don Lemon made a stink earlier in the week when he declared that white men were more dangerous than muslim terrorists or illegal migrants. He backed it up with “statistics” which were misleading. Vince from The Red Elephants points that out in this video

Of course, the Lemon comment was sparked by the horrific Synagogue murders from last Saturday. Sadly, some on the left have responded to the tragedy by using it to advance the Progressive aim of neutering Heritage America. The Z Man opines on the precarious nature of some of that rhetoric in two pieces this week, Playing with Fire and The Cancer of Fanaticism. Both are must reads

A double barrel of nonsense coming from The Federalists’ Lyman Stone who declares that while Steve King isn’t a Nazi, he still should lose his seat in congress, and that birthright citizenship is a great thing for America.  These sort of pieces are a fantastic example of Conservative Inc and its unparalleled propensity to punch right and take the losing position, as long as it means looking good. The Z Man did an entire podcast on this phenomenon just last week, and it is required listening for those who are new to the Dissident Right.

Google is in a bit of a crisis over sexual harassment claims allegedly being swept under the rug at the highest levels of the company. As The Other McCain eviscerates Google.  Funny how it’s always the loudest, proudest male feminists who are the most guilty of that which they project onto others.

Adam Piggot, in his usual boisterous style goes over the latest study which says what we’ve always known: Men age like wine, women like milk. The lesson for women is that they should listen to the wisdom  of yesteryear and get married young to a guy who is going places, and pump out some kids. If you really really really want to “have it all,” do it like Phyllis Schlafly.

The reason the Dissident Right is gaining traction is in part because of its ability to switch from being stone serious and cheeky. Case in point (h/t Chateau Heartiste):

Fun & Games

Arsenal to beat Liverpool tomorrow

NFL Bets of the Week: GB+5 against NE, Detroit/Minnesota (Under 49), Seattle/LA Chargers (Under 48). Punt responsibly, kids

That’s your lot. Until next time