The Fight is On

In the realm of politics and the culture, there is a street fight going on. It is starting to come to a head now, in terms of the wider public debate because one side is just starting to understand the fight is an existential one. Let me explain what I mean.

On the cultural side, the social justice set has continued the long march through the institutions its predecessors began decades ago, and are slowly but surely reshaping the United States in its progressive, Marxist image. Politically, the nexus of high level elements of the government bureaucracy, industry and their mouth pieces in the legacy media – some would call this nexus the Deep State – has seen its power grow and deepen during that same time period. Furthermore, this power has been used to advance the cultural Marxism espoused by the social justice set.

This set has achieved its gains most explicitly in the cultural arena, with an assessment of such succinctly put in the observation that as the US once put men on the moon, it now puts men in the women’s bathroom. Along the way, the “opposition,” branding itself as conservative, has tended to scream loudly before ultimately rubber stamping each and every cultural change. To the extent this conservative group provided original contributions, they came in the shape of facilitating the departure of America’s industrial base to distant lands, while advocating endless military entanglements in other distant lands.

What facilitated the transformation of America was the fact that it was very gradual, and that the vestiges of Heritage America, most notably the Constitution, were kept intact, at least on the surface.

If the founding fathers stepped out of a time machine into today’s America and were informed of the mere existence of an FBI, CIA or NSA, let alone the amount of power they are capable of wielding, they’d drop dead from the shock. Yet only a few Americans living today have qualms with the insipid justification that ‘if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about.’ Fewer still are moved enough to take active steps in shielding themselves from Big Brother.

In a recent podcast, The Z Man outlines the ways in which the Constitution, while nominally in tact, has in practical terms lost its meaning. Yes, you do have the rights and freedoms afforded to you by the document on paper, but attempting to exercise those rights and freedoms in the real world becomes another proposition entirely.

With respect to the first amendment, one does have the right to free speech and to assemble peacefully. But should you do so and choose to promote a right leaning, or more specifically anti-cultural Marxist point of view, you risk consequences that are far greater than mere “opposing speech.”

Take Roosh V, who has recently had 9 of his books banned upon the release of his new book Game, which was selling like hotcakes. Or take Alex Jones. Or Andrew Anglin, Richard Spencer, Lauren Southern, Milo, Faith Goldy, Chuck Johnson, Ricky Vaughn, Jared Taylor, James Allsup, Gavin McInnes, Tommy Robinson, Owen Benjamin, Blonde in the Belly of the Beast, Identity Evropa, Virginia Dare, American Renaissance, Red Ice, David Horowitz, Brittany Pettibone, Darren Beattie, and so on.

These individuals or groups have all been subject to life calls for losing their jobs, or when it comes to their internet presence, bans from social media platforms, payment processors, or web hosting services, not to mention trickery such as shadowbanning and algorithm tinkering. All for trafficking in wrongthink.

The fact that these sanctions were all administered by private companies enables the cultural Marxists and their nominal conservative allies to claim innocence since there is no explicit government censorship involved.

This dynamic highlights the manner in which the Marxists have operated over the years. The American Corporation, in one way or another, plays a gigantic role in the lives of ordinary Americans. Either you work for one, and thus are dependent on it for income, you are entertained by one, or you consume its products, many of which facilitate everyday activities. Marxists have infiltrated Corprate America at large, and as such they are for the most part boisterous adherents to the religion of TEPID (tolerance, equality, progress, inclusion, diversity). This poses a  danger to the would-be dissident.

He or she must now choose his or her words carefully, because offending the wrong person means a potential loss of employment, ostracism, expulsion from polite society, being barred from basic services such as payment processing, or all of the above. In a related sign of things to come, Governor Cuomo of NY not so subtly warned financial institutions that it might be subject to ‘reputational risk’ should they conduct business with the National Rifle Association.

The bottom line is that we still have our constitutional freedoms on paper, but exercising them fully is becoming more and more difficult. Our nominal conservative friends tell us that we should just build our own platforms, or some variant of that argument. That is all well and good, but with respect to social media, the reality of the monopoly Big Tech enjoys makes this difficult. Especially when you consider that the people controlling access to internet sing from the same TEPID hymn sheet. Given the propensity of nominal conservatives to acquiesce, at some point they’d be shrugging their shoulders, declaring “Why do you just build your own electrical Grid?!?”

The move to censor right-leaning voices on social media and the internet generally is a tactical response to the proliferation of such voices that resulted in complete domination of the 2014-2016 electoral cycle.

From Gamergate through Brexit and Trump’s victory, the right memed, podcasted, YouTubed and tweeted its message far and wide, bypassing the legacy media and delivering what was, and still is, the winning argument. The legacy media did not see this coming, nor was it equipped to fight back. Having had the monopoly on “objective truth” for decades it had grown lazy. It had no answer for a new medium which could provide virtually anyone the opportunity to cogently repudiate legacy media narratives, and do so in front of an audience that began to dwarf that of the mainstream press.

Instead of putting forth better arguments, the legacy media leaned on the social media companies themselves, very loudly accusing them of being hosts to “hate speech,” “propaganda,” “Russian bots,” whatever. This then led to the rush to censor and harass that we are currently in the midst of. The TEPID religion was sending a message to the non-believers who had stalled the March To Progress back in 2016: do NOT try this again.

Politically, the Deep State has done its utmost to thwart and subvert the Trump Agenda. It even admits it. The reason is that Trump represents a populist revolt against the failed paradigm of the post World War 2 era.

President Obama was perhaps the perfect president to continue the advancement of that paradigm. He was able to significantly advance leftist goals in the matters of socialized medicine, industry stifling regulations, and ‘woke’ identity politics. For the nominal right, he maintained a flow of cheap labor from south of the border, did not significantly impair neoconservative foreign policy aims, and left a parting gift of TPP, a NAFTA-style trading partnership with several countries in the Pacific.

Although many on the more radical left were disappointed in Obama, his work had to be considered within the context of a United States which, at its core, still purported to be a conservative country. That placed a check on the ability of the Marxists to go full speed ahead with their grand vision.

President Trump represented the most formidable challenge to that vision, one of a destroyed Heritage America, in decades. Trump had exposed the lies which Americans had been told for far too long about subjects such as trade, immigration and foreign policy. These were lies that on some level, most Americans understood, but could not articulate.

Trump’s messaging, while simplistic, was enough to help square the circle for the American voter. Yes, it is true that America’s issues are more complex than “China’s killing us on trade,” but to the American voter, particularly those old enough to have consciously experienced the shift from ‘Made in America’ to ‘Made in China,’ it clicked. The juxtaposition of the sober reality Trump described with the insistence of our elites that the same reality had actually been great for the economy brought about an unmistakable realization that the true price of cheaper foreign trinkets was the destruction of once healthy American communities.

It was that sort of realization that propelled Trump from strength to strength. And above that, it was his willingness to fight, unencumbered by any political debt, plus a 40 year run as an A-list celebrity in an increasingly celebrity-worshipping culture that made him truly dangerous.

Thus, he had to be taken down. From the Rosie O’Donnell debate question to the Access Hollywood tape, the Old Guard did it’s best to throw a spanner in the works. However, despite dozens of ‘scandals,’ any one of which likely would have ended the run of a standard Republican candidate, Trump still won.

And then it became real.

The 50-plus year Marxist advance was in danger of slowing down or coming to a halt. The Status Quo, the Old Order, Democratic norms – whatever you want to call it – was at risk for the first time in decades. 

A few centuries ago, Machiavelli accurately described the risks Trump faces today, when he noted that attempting to change an old order is one of the most difficult, and dangerous things one can do. Those who benefit by the old order will militantly defend it, while those who might benefit from the new order only offer lukewarm support as the unsure future success isn’t worth the short term unrest in their eyes.

So as Plan A, the slow and steady promulgation of cultural Marxism through American institutions and conventions, became suddenly under threat, another plan was necessary. Plan B, then, could only be described as a full-scale attempt to overturn the result of the 2016 election, as well as purge any and all elements which helped that result come to pass.

That part began in earnest during the summer of 2016, with the FBI ‘insurance plan’ headed by now infamous agent Peter Stzrok. The Mueller special probe which followed is not investigating any specific crime, but rather is simply investigating Trump the candidate, and his campaign. That is not how the justice system is supposed to work.

The pleas and convictions of the likes of George Papadopoulos, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen are ultimately borne of an  investigation which used the power of the state to railroad its political enemies. If the Democrats retake the House in November, they will do nothing but continue to investigate Trump, in search of a crime, for the next two years.

As that has gone on, Congress, controlled by nominal conservatives, has done nothing with the opportunity it has given, proving without a shadow of a doubt that it had little interest in acting on the conservative agenda it pretended to champion, outside of token achievements such as tax cuts.

Add to this a foreign policy establishment that consistently undermines President Trump’s aims of reversing the failures of the globalists over the last 30 years. The most brazen example of this has been John Kerry flitting around the planet this week as though he was still Secretary of State. His aim has been to trash Trump, tell everyone to merely wait him out, essentially pushing the very policies and points of view which had brought nothing but failure for decades, and had been summarily rejected by voters as a result.

These sort of undermining campaigns of course has been cheered on by a lap dog press which conjures up such absurdities as Trump’s resistance to prolonging a fruitless 17 year campaign rendering him some sort of child, who had to be reined in by the ‘adults in the room.’

Then you have Brett Kavanaugh, who was subjected to a low blow attempt by Senator Dianne Feinstein to derail his confirmation to the Supreme Court. She reportedly forwarded a letter from an anonymous woman alleging  possible sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh from his high school days to the FBI. The FBI has since declared it won’t investigate, but the point of it all was the sullying of Kavanaugh’s name.

For the rest of his time on the bench, he’ll have this nebulous accusation hanging over his head. For decades to come, news organizations will be able to write sentences such as “Kavanaugh, who was once accused of sexual misconduct but never investigated…” It’s as dirty as it gets.

To bring this full circle, this week has also highlighted the efforts of one Google in attempting to influence the 2016 election. Specifically, a leaked email chain showed the efforts Google went to influence the vote by goading Hispanic voters to the polls (to vote against Trump) by curating the information that these voters were subject to on Google services. It was described as a ‘silent donation’ by the executive in question.

This effort failed, and was lamented by the Google execs, both in that leaked email chain, and in this hour long video of them consoling themselves after the election defeat.

On one hand, the fact that companies with the reach of Google tried to tip the scales and failed is encouraging. But on the other hand, they were mostly blindsided by the breadth of Trumpism as a movement. They are aware now, and are taking clear steps to redress what happened in 2016.

In other words, the gloves are well and truly off. The TEPID religion couldn’t convince the populace through conventional means, and so it is now seeking to force itself upon us through censorship and intimidation. In the process, it continually sheds the pretense of an adherence to American-style constitutional republic governance, revealing the soft totalitarianism underlying the TEPID dogma.

Should that fail, the social justice set will have little compunction in going Full Jacobin. Just look at Antifa. Or the Twitter horde that threatened a commentator for a pro-life, anti ‘sexual revolution’ opinion. A man was subject to an attempted  stabbing, for the modern sin of running for office as a Republican. This, of course a year on from a man shooting up a baseball field full of Republican lawmakers. Then you have Joe Scarborough in the Washington Post comparing President Trump unfavorably to actual terrorists – on the anniversary of 9/11 to be sure – before not so slyly pointing out that those terrorists were killed before truly completing their goals. And he and his ilk have the nerve to drone on about ‘dogwhistles.’

What this all means is that there is no more time for those in the squishy Right, those like Fox News host Neil Cavuto, who closed a personal address to President Trump on a recent show with a mic-drop attempt, declaring Trump was “so darned focused promoting a financial boom that you fail to see that you are the one creating this moral bust.”

This mentality is utterly useless when the opposition has no issues with winning a fight in an unprincipled, even dirty manner.

With Marxists exercising the enormous power of corporations in circumventing the constitution in an attempt to bring dissident voices to heel; with the Deep State attempting to establish a precedent for overturning the results of a free and fair election in the United States by bureaucratic fiat, while chalking any dissent down to Right Wing Russian Propaganda…we’re supposed to be concerned about a “moral bust?”

This, in an age in which an LGBT lobby not content with the massive legislative victories attained in recent years, such that a Colorado baker must be singled out for badgering until he is forced to use his artistic abilities in a manner suitable to the mob. The same group which wants Judge Kavanaugh crucified for a possible sexual encounter when he was a teen in high school celebrated a guide to anal sex being published in an issue of Teen Vogue. And we are to believe this moral bust was created by Trump?

The other side took the gloves off ages ago. To seek a genteel rapprochement in response is fatal.

The Deep State is Wounded. That Makes it Dangerous

Michael Tracey perhaps had the most succinct take on the death of John McCain and the subsequent national period of mourning.

[Shows of elite unity, like this McCain Holy Week, are a defense mechanism. They know their standing is precarious. So they create this weird mythology to justify their existence. Fewer and fewer are buying it.]

Tracey’s general remark about the weakened state of the old order was as sober as his quip about the funeral ceremonies being treated as a ‘Holy Week’ was an indictment of that old order. Indeed, our establishment, comprised of mainstream Republicans and Democrats, the institutional bureaucracy, and its mouthpiece the mainstream press – call it the Deep State if you wish – has led the canonization of McCain. The hypocrisy of this is that for the most part, the same publications speaking so glowingly of McCain now, held him as one of the most evil men in history when he ran against President Obama in the 2008 election.

Back then, McCain and his supporters were racist, he was compared to Hitler, was derided as an impulsive, erratic hot head, whose  faculties were questionable at best. When compared with the rhetoric currently spewing outward from mainstream newsrooms, it’s as though they merely ran a word filter which replaced ‘McCain’ with ‘Trump.’

The former was able to redeem himself in his later years in no small part by turning on his successor to the title of Hitler Of The Moment. And for doing so, he was branded a ‘Maverick,’ this time lovingly by a press which mocked him for the same term in the past.

With that, our nation’s establishment gathered to worship a man who ultimately embodied the American politics of the last three decades. Corruption, warmongering, and the erosion of Heritage America were features of McCain’s tenure as a politician. His ‘iconic’ thumbs down vote on the floor of the Senate which preserved Obamacare, after railing against it for years, was emblematic of the ‘all talk no action’ nature of Republican politicians of recent times.

During these times, the role of the President of the United States has seemingly been to place the interest of the establishment first, above all else. This has involved making sure that Business as Usual reigns supreme in Washington, that the government grows ever larger, and that more and more of America’s blood and treasure are squandered in foreign wars or overseas relocations of Industry. At every turn, the concerns of a public seeing things continually going south were soothed with sweet sounding platitudes completely lacking in substance.

That President Trump sought to put the American people first, above all else, at least in theory, has been downright offensive to most of our establishment. It’s no wonder McCain despised President Trump, who came to prominence precisely because he attacked and exposed not only the type of politics that McCain represented, but McCain himself. In consistently being a vocal and substantive thorn in President Trump’s side, McCain effectively assumed the role of President of the Deep State.

So it was no surprise that Trump was barred by the McCain family from participating in the official ceremonies. But that merely created an unmistakable scene – one which saw our establishment gathered to mourn one of its own, while the man who vanquished that establishment was excluded.

A similar, unmistakable scene was outlined last week as a result of the now infamous Anonymous op-ed in the New York Times, by an unknown member of the Trump Administration who declares that he and many like him are working behind the scenes to thwart many of Trump’s initiatives.

The NYT assures us that this is a senior official, which is supposed to lend credence to the narrative that President Trump is out of control and that the ‘adults in the room’ are tirelessly working to rein him in. This narrative is not new. Throughout the Trump era, the likes of John Kelly, Rex Tillerson, Jim Mattis, among others, have been cast in the role of ‘adult’ at different times.

In truth, the piece is only interesting in a general sense. To the extent that it is genuine, and not some creative homework assignment by one of the Times reporters, it highlights the fact that Deep State, which our legacy press would have us believe is a figment of our imagination, does in fact exist. Furthermore, it lays bare the blatant disregard the Deep State has for the will of the people, the fact that its underlying aims are antithetical to a prosperous America, and the tinge of cowardice with which it rules over us.

The author of the piece, no doubt channeling many of his colleagues, believes that he is doing the country a great service by thwarting President Trump. The problem is that nobody elected this guy to do anything but carry out President Trump’s agenda. But in his infinite wisdom, he knows better, and thus is elevating himself into this role of defender of the nation’s ideals for our own good.

And what ideals are these? According to the author, “free minds, free markets and free people.” This has translated to a culture of ‘free thought,’ if and only if you agree wholeheartedly with the cutting edge of Progressive interpretations on cultural matters. ‘Free markets’ translates to a trade paradigm in which the United States hands over its industrial base while going into crippling debt in exchange for cheap, disposable foreign trinkets. ’Free people’ translates to the constant maintenance of low-level conflicts overseas so as to constantly justify huge defense budgets and riches for defense contractors. Along with this comes the declaration that all peoples of the world must practice American-style democracy (and elect the leaders America desires), or be faced with potential military consequences.

In this vein, he author has the nerve to write about how Trump “complained for weeks about senior staff members letting him get boxed into further confrontation with Russia,” as though such confrontation is in the best interests of the people of the United States. Then our anonymous tough guy pivoted from wanting conflict with a nuclear superpower to admitting his cowardice in pushing for the removal of the president via the 25th amendment, over a fear of causing a constitutional crisis. The irony of a blatant soft coup instigated by unelected bureaucrats acting from the bowels of various three letter agencies the founding fathers would have been revolted by was clearly lost on our mystery man.

The piece couldn’t have been complete without a reference to the newly sainted McCain, and the author obliges, taking comfort in the fact that we would always have his example. That example, unfortunately, can be summed by the belief that it is just and good to send assorted American 20-somethings to die in some foreign ditch somewhere defending the sanctity of Ukraine’s borders, but to defend the sanctity of the American southern border is racist.

But didn’t McCain have a measured, sober view of war? Sure, if you read his speeches. The one quote often repeated is the following:

War is wretched beyond description, and only a fool or a fraud could sentimentalize its cruel reality.

Fair enough. But if that was truly how McCain felt, why did he push for Americans to fight in wars in some 15 or so countries? The only explanation I can come up with is that having suffered so much in his own Vietnam experience, he sought to send subsequent generations through similar, in some sort of twisted rite of passage ritual.

Glibness aside, McCain was the embodiment of a philosophy that was dealt a massive blow on Election night in 2016. McCain spent his final years trying to reverse that result. Furthermore, his acolytes are numerous, as we have seen. It should have been clear before, but if it wasn’t, it should be clear now that Trump’s election was merely a first step. The entrenched Deep State clearly wasn’t going to give up the goods easily. Indeed, it is lashing out now as evidenced by the NYT piece.

It will take time, persistence, and plenty of setbacks before the yoke of the Deep State and its philosophy is thrown from our necks.