Corporate Marxism

One of the more interesting aspects of the Parkland shooting aftermath was the rush by large corporations to disavow the NRA. Several companies such as Hertz, MetLife, the Enterprise rental car brands, Symantec, Chubb, SimpliSafe, Delta, and United Airlines have taken steps such as ending discounts for NRA members as a show of support for the gun control movement.

The media, itself a giant corporate interest, has played its role as well, promoting these decisions as though they were the first stages of a giant snowball rolling downhill culminating in a gun ban. Those on the anti-gun side are willing Corporate America to be their knight in shining armor on this.

In truth, they don’t have to will very hard, for Corporate America has become increasingly sympathetic to the ideals of the leftist. That is, the TEPID (tolerance, equality, progressive, inclusion, diversity) views of the left are essentially the views of Corporate America as well. It is something I noted when writing about the James Damore episode last summer. Damore, you recall, is the former Goolag employee who was fired for writing a memo which, in the most polite and academically supported terms possible, outlined the fact that gender differences were responsible for the disparities in tech employment and further offered some gender-focused solutions for increasing female enthusiasm in tech.

His plight highlighted the state of affairs in Corporate America which was that if one were to survive, one had to keep his head down and accept the poz. No realtalk allowed.

The Damore episode as a wider societal concern is one of corporate dominance in America acting as a conduit for communism as opposed to the more familiar means of facilitation through government dictatorships. Whatever you think of the direction the government has trended in the last 50, or even 100 years, the US is still nominally a constitutional republic with a nominally free-ish market.

The Marxists failed in winning the economic argument, and thus they moved into the cultural sphere, pushing their brand of equalism, diversity and the demand that deviance be tolerated. In Corporate America, they found a source of power which could be infiltrated because of the fact that huge swaths of the population work for them, and thus rely upon them to feed their families.

Thus a dynamic has been created that sees average people having to sit through hours and hours of diversity training or face potential punishment, which translates to fewer dollars which translates to less money for the family.

The lawsuit Damore eventually filed this past January higlights the extent to which the Cultural Marxists have triumphed in corporate America. From this National Review description of the suit:

For example, “Googlers” (that’s what employees call themselves, using Google’s silly corporate language) relentlessly enforce a so-called “Googley” culture where employees blacklist conservatives (blocking them from in-house communications), actually boo white-male hires, and openly discuss committing acts of violence against political opponents. The “punch a Nazi” debate is alive and well at Google, and the definition of “Nazi” is extraordinarily broad. In one posting, an employee proposes a “moratorium on hiring white cis heterosexual abled men who aren’t abuse survivors.” In another, an employee advertises a workshop on “healing from toxic whiteness.” Another post mocks “white fragility.” The examples go on and on, for page after page.

Damore also alleges (and again, provides screenshots of emails and other communications to support his claims) that managers actively attacked conservative employees, encouraged punitive actions against dissenters, and even awarded “peer bonuses” for speech attacking conservatives.

At the same time that Googlers crack down on standard conservative speech, mock white men, and deride whiteness, they exhibit a remarkable level of tolerance for unusual behavior. For example, Damore claims that “an employee who sexually identifies as a ‘yellow-scale wingless dragonkin’ and an ‘expansive ornate building’ presented a talk entitled ‘living as a plural being’ at an internal company event.”

This anti-conservative bent has not been limited to unofficial internal corporate policy. As we have seen with FedEx, the corporation as a whole can come under pressure for not getting in line with the Cultural Marxists. It released a statement about the spate of NRA decisions by its fellow corporates which stated that while it disagreed with the NRA and thought that ‘assault rifles’ (whatever that means) should not be in the hands of civilians, it was not going to change its policy regarding NRA discounts.

Even though it had the ‘correct’ opinion on the matter, FedEx did not act appropriately, and as such was subject to calls for boycott, led by our favorite child provocateur, David Hogg:

As more and more companies decide to end their NRA partnerships, FedEx has found itself singled out and threatened with boycotts. “I encourage you not to use FedEx so long as it’s comfortable siding with the N.R.A.,” New York Times’ columnist David Leonhardt wrote this week.

David Hogg, the survivor of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, who has been one of the most outspoken student supporters of gun control, called for a FedEx boycott in a tweet sent out on Monday.

That article goes on to state that other companies are feeling the heat as well, as gun-control fanatics want to punish otherwise goodthinkers for bad actions:

Gun-control advocates aren’t limiting their campaigns to businesses merely with NRA discounts. They are also pushing for businesses to cut all ties with the NRA, including streaming TV services that include NRATV in their packages. Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a nonprofit nonpartisan group calling for “new and stronger gun laws and policies to protect our children,” issued a press release late last week declaring the NRA channel “dangerous and violence-inciting propaganda,” and calling for Apple, Amazon, Google, and Roku to dump NRATV from their streaming TV packages.

One of the more interesting things about the Trump era has been the complete realignment in decades old political allegiances. The relevant example here is the fact that where leftists once viewed the corporation as the Ultimate Corporate Evil, now that it has been compromised culturally and bends to the will of the leftists, they are not so bad after all.

For the corporations themselves, which ostensibly exist to make a profit, this new alignment with the Cultural Marxists will be their ultimate undoing, provided the public fights back. This is because the TEPID ideas of the cultural Marxist infiltrators aren’t as persuasive or as popular as the cacophony of noise they’re good at generating suggests. This means that the silent majority more amenable to crimethink are likely to jump ship once the Marxists go too far, which they invariably do.

This does no good for a corporation, which is trying to make money. Consider Delta, one of the companies which proudly announced its slashing of an NRA discount program. In response, the good folks in the Georgia state senate decided to revoke tax breaks that aided Delta, which amounted to millions. The kicker, was that only 13 people had used the NRA discount over the life of the program. In short, Delta went out of its way to virtue signal to the world, pretending that it was making some grand gesture in revoking a discount program. Instead, it cost itself millions.

Kudos to the members of the Georgia Senate which made this happen. Trump said he was going to show the GOP how to win, and stuff like this is precisely it.