Sunday Reads (15 January 2017)

Some interesting reads for the weekend:

  1. UK PM Theresa May is set to outline the formal terms of Brexit. The FT puts forth a preview. The Telegraph expects the speech to be in line with Eurosceptics, and those most on the right.

  3. As the annual Davos gathering of the elites approaches, the founder of the World Economic Forum declares that ‘it’s important to listen to the populists,’ and that ‘we have to take it (populism) seriously.’ It is interesting that just now is when views of ‘populists’ should be taken seriously, but I suppose that after the monumental events of 2016, the elites have little choice.

  5. One such elite who is refusing to cave is Paul Krugman, who has dialed up the Krugman Delusion to new heights since the election. Zero Hedge is worried for his safety.

  7. In a similar vein, leftists are showing how tolerant they are by sending death threats to opera singer Andrea Bocelli for the crime of singing at Trump’s inauguration. Bocelli buckled under the pressure and now will now perform. Jennifer Holliday has also pulled out for similar reasons

  9. Further still, leftist groups, showing how accepting and tolerant they are of the election results have planned for mass disruptions and violence throughout the week.

  11. Trump vs The Media: The press is furious after a report suggested that Trump could remove the press corps from the White House and into a different location, citing size issues for now.

  13. In the wake of the ‘fake news’ confrontation between Donald Trump and CNN’s Jim Acosta, Brian Stelter sticks up for his CNN colleague and bemoans the fact that the ‘fake news’ term has been co-opted by everyone to now mean ‘anything I don’t like.’ He might be right, but it was his ilk that started using it in this manner.

  15. US troops deployed to Poland. The latest in the Russian-hysteria from globalist actors in the West. A particularly interesting tidbit is the fact that in most of the stories on this, you will see some reference to ‘NATO’s eastern border,’ as though NATO is an actual country.
    Related – George Kennan, respected diplomat who had been there/done that with respect to US-Soviet Cold War relations, absolutely rubbishing what comprises the current ‘establishment’ views on Russia, back in 1998.

  17. Stefan Molyneux tells the Truth about McCarthyism

  19. Trump vs. The Deep State – CIA director John Brennan has some tough talk for Trump with respect to Russia and his recent comments about the intelligence community.

  21. Related – Ron Paul discusses Trump vs. CIA

That’s your lot, until next time.