Sunday Reads: 18 December 2016

    1. Roosh’s Kingmaker Podcast is recent, but very good. His latest effort, discussing the political nature of man is the best of the lot so far. My favorite point is the fact that despite the fact that The Powers That Be may make things unjust, men will always find a way around the roadblocks.
    2. In a similar vein, Vox Day discusses the growing phenomenon of SJWs banning dissenters to the Cultural Marxist playbook from popular social media, and subsequently trying to shame them when they set up shop in alternative settings.
    3. The Saker outlines the Neocon panic in light of ‘Russian hacking,’ with respect to Trump’s election, Syria, Russia and Iran, leading to a looming crisis point.
    4. Stephen Cohen, Professor of Russian Studies at Princeton and NYU remains one of the few figures in the mainstream old media and academia who has backed Trump on The Russian Question right throughout. He continues to do so in the face of the ‘Russian hacking’ allegations in this must-listen interview with NPR.
    5. Speaking of old media, the New York Times is vacating about 8 floors in its building, a move which it is spinning to be a positive.
    6.  John Hussman on the state of the market: It’s not that obscene valuations or syndromes of extremely overextended conditions are irrelevant for long-term and full-cycle market outcomes; it’s that the uniformity or divergence of market internals is critical in evaluating shorter segments of the market cycle. Put simply, what concerns us most here is the fact that we’re observing extreme overvalued, overbought, overbullish conditions in combination with unfavorable market internals on our measures, including yield pressures across interest-sensitive securities.
    7.  Peter Schiff discusses the markets after the Federal Reserve’s Interest rate decision.
    8. Cultural Marxism was dealt a stunning blow in 2016, but it’s far from dead. Oxford University wants to banish the use of ‘gendered pronouns’ in favor of the likes of ‘ze’ and ‘hir.’
    9. A look inside the hell that has been Venezuela’s hyperinflation-induced economic crisis.
    10. Nicholas Kristoff in the NYT tries to address the pitfalls of the leftist idea of championing diversity – except in thought. That his correct message falls on deaf ears in the comment section suggests continued defeat for leftists going forward, as their intolerance of opposing views will continue to give them problems in a world inching away from their worldview.
    11. The WSJ disabuses the idea that fake fact-checkers from Facebook can combat the ‘fake news epidemic.’
    12. Finally, from the humor department:

      The fact that someone like SJW All-star Chris Kluwe, hater of the 2nd Amendment, promoter of SJW faux values such as ‘equality’ and ‘diversity,’ is all of a sudden peddling ‘Rule of Law’ talking points is incredibly rich. The idea that a legion of Warcraft playing, neon-haired, skinny jean wearing hipsters, armed with futuristic MacBooks and Venti Starbucks lattes can successfully lead an insurrection against a confirmed Trump election is funny, to say the least.

Until next time.